NY’s Stony Brook University Will No Longer Observe Jewish, Christian Holidays

Stony Brook says by ending a practice that “honors only some religions,” it is aligning itself with other major research universities and leveling the playing field.

“We believe this provides two essential things – a sound educational calendar and at the same time an equal level of respect for all religions and faiths,” said Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Charles Robbins, according to New York-based newspaper Newsday.

NY University Will No Longer Observe Jewish, Christian Holidays FULL STORY: http://www.christianpost.com/news/ny-university-will-no-longer-observe-jewish-christian-holidays-71976/

NEWS ALERT: John 3:16 Valentine’s Day Messages Confiscated by Elementary School

Second-grader Dexter Thielhelm, a student at James Madison Elementary School in Sheboygan, Wis., was sent to school on Valentine’s Day with homemade valentines to pass out to his classmates. Each valentine consisted of a plastic water bottle that was filled with heart-shaped candy and came with a note that said “Jesus Loves You” and had the text of John 3:16 printed on it.

FULL STORY: http://www.christianpost.com/news/john-316-valentines-day-messages-confiscated-by-elementary-school-69875/

Lodi still a battleground for prayer warrior chaplain

LODI, Calif. — One prayer rally later, former Navy Chaplain Gordon Kligenschmitt plans a second assault on the Lodi City Council’s hold and possible ban on using the name of Jesus before city meetings.

Buckling under the pressure from an atheists group, this Northern California city’s council is considering a resolution that would ban the mention of Jesus and other specific religions in prayers before city meetings. In May, the Lodi City Council received a letter from the non-profit Madison, Wis.-based Freedom From Religion Foundation threatening a lawsuit.

The atheistic group watched 55 invocations online from 2007 to the May 6 council meeting and found that 39 had a reference to Jesus Christ. The group argues that specific mentions of the word “Christ” are a violation of the city’s own policy.

Kligenschmitt’s rally in support of the freedom to use Jesus name in public prayer drew 400 supporters to the steps of Lodi’s city hall earlier this month. About a dozen “separation rally” supporters showed up to oppose prayer at city council meetings.

A debate and possible final vote on the matter is scheduled for September 30, and Kligenschmitt, through an internet campaign, is inviting everyone to attend.

In his Facebook group, Lodi City Council Vote To Ban Jesus Prayers, Kligenschmitt posts:


We had the rally. Now let’s attend the final city council meeting on 30 Sep 09, Wednesday at 7pm, where the Lodi City Council will DEBATE AND POSSIBLY VOTE TO BAN THE NAME OF JESUS from public prayers.

Under pressure from atheists, and threat of lawsuit, the city council needs to hear from voters who love Jesus, who demand they protect our right to free speech, rather than censor our pastors’ prayers.


Join many Christians (bring your pastor!) and let’s take a stand for Jesus, and defend our freedom to pray publicly “in Jesus name.” (And bring your church van full of people!) …

but costly if we fail to act.

See you on 30 September in Lodi, at the Hutchins Street Square.


Prior media coverage, the petition, and more information can be found on the Pray In Jesus Name Project Website’s page dedicated to the Lodi issue.

Please read the LA Church & State Examiner!

Lodi: Facebook Users Rally For God

“We hope that pastors from all over California will bring their church buses, their people to simply pray in Jesus’ name.” — Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt.

Jamie Soriano of FOX40 News reports:

LODI – It’s a tradition the Lodi City Council has had for decades. It starts each meeting with a prayer which often calls on Jesus.

“This whole issue has taken on a life of its own,” said Lodi Mayor Larry Hansen.

Groups advocating the separation of church and state are calling on the city council to ban prayer from its meetings. Now that debate has hit the internet on sites like Facebook.

“Facebook has been very helpful because it attracts the young people. We want young people who are full of energy who love Jesus,” said Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt of Colorado Springs. He’s organizing a rally ahead of next week’s council meeting and is spreading the word via Facebook. …more

Pentagon Bible Verses: Words of Mass Distribution?

Pentagon briefings during the U.S.-Iraq war during the time of Donald Rumsfeld included cover sheets that “juxtaposed war images with inspirational Bible quotes,” according to a GQ magazine online report.

The GQ story includes a slide show with a series of photos and Bible verses. One “top secret” cover shows photos of soldiers praying and in action on the sands of Iraq and overlaid with the Isaiah 5:28 verse: “Their arrows are sharp, all their bows are strung; their horses’ hoofs seem like flint, their chariot wheels are like a whirlwind.”