Did Twitter ban user for “strange” Limbaugh activity?

Christian businessman James Paris says he never read so much hate on his Twitter feed in more than a year of participation on the micro-blogging site.
Twitter James Paris
After pointing tweeps (Twitter users) via link to his sarcastic blog post, Why The NFL Was 100% Right In Banning Rush Limbaugh, the tweets (comments) back to him came fast and mean.

“It’s the first time since I have been on Twitter that I started receiving very hateful messages like ‘You are a racist … You are not a Christian … You are the devil,'” Paris said.

Then came something Paris wasn’t expecting: a one-week ban from Twitter.

“There was more than a 150 re-tweets of my article by various people who had come to my blog directly. I can only assume this ban is related to my Rush Limbaugh piece because that was really the only thing that happened last week and that’s what Twitter is claiming as the time frame where I violated their terms of service,” Paris said.

“People that were against Limbaugh were coming to my article after the re-tweets were posted thinking that they were going to read an article that would somehow buttress their viewpoint that the NFL was correct in banning Rush Limbaugh. When they realize they’ve been had … I believe that generated complaints to Twitter. I’ve never had one complaint from Twitter. I’ve never heard from them one way or the other. I honestly don’t understand exactly what the reason is that they are banning me.”

Paris responded to the ban by writing his post, Banned From Twitter For Supporting Rush Limbaugh, in which he states:

Well, I guess I know how Rush Limbaugh feels. This week I posted a blog piece supporting Rush and I received thousands of visits to my blog. I also engaged in probably one hundred ‘debates’ with people on Twitter about the whole Rush Limbaugh/NFL controversy. Today, I received the below message that I have been suspended from Twitter for one week. Obviously, someone did not like what I was saying in support of Rush…

What seems to be most upsetting to Paris is the page notification that comes up when people try to get to his Twitter page, username, “Jameslparis”:

Sorry, the account you were headed to has been suspended due to strange activity. Mosey along now, nothing to see here.

“For me to spend a year-and-a-half building up a Twitter following and then to have my Twitter account shut off and then when people go to my Twitter page it says that I’ve been disconnected for ‘strange activity’ … as far as anyone else knows I could have been involved with child pornography or some type of scam,” Paris said. “It really impugns my reputation for them to leave it so vague. It’s their responsibility to tell me why I was banned in much more clear terms than what they did in that suspension letter.

“The actual suspension is posted up on my blog and it makes reference to the word ‘bunch.’ They don’t use a numerical figure. They say that I violated their policy of spamming by posting to a quote ‘bunch’ of accounts. I’m not even exactly sure what that means. I do know that I personally was engaged with at least 100 people on Twitter about the whole Rush Limbaugh thing,” he said.

Paris said he wasn’t selling anything. “I never received any kind of screen warning that said, ‘you are responding too much … stop.’ I could never imagine that I am somehow dragging down their network or something with my meager activity.

“It was certainly just part of what I felt was the purpose of Twitter, which is social networking … going back and forth on issues and discussions. I had no idea that there was a limit to any of that. Especially something that was on topic,” Paris said.

Paris said he has not received an explanation from Twitter despite sending a request for one to its public relations department by e-mail.

“I’m not a big believer in coincidence and I don’t think this is a coincidence,” Paris said. “And it was all in relation to the spike in activity that happened to coincide with the Rush Limbaugh article that I posted.”

No response to a media request for an interview or statement from Twitter was received at the time of publication of this article.

Image found at James Paris business site, ChristianMoney.com.


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Lodi: Facebook Users Rally For God

“We hope that pastors from all over California will bring their church buses, their people to simply pray in Jesus’ name.” — Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt.

Jamie Soriano of FOX40 News reports:

LODI – It’s a tradition the Lodi City Council has had for decades. It starts each meeting with a prayer which often calls on Jesus.

“This whole issue has taken on a life of its own,” said Lodi Mayor Larry Hansen.

Groups advocating the separation of church and state are calling on the city council to ban prayer from its meetings. Now that debate has hit the internet on sites like Facebook.

“Facebook has been very helpful because it attracts the young people. We want young people who are full of energy who love Jesus,” said Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt of Colorado Springs. He’s organizing a rally ahead of next week’s council meeting and is spreading the word via Facebook. …more

Tweeting Iran: Foreign Media Banned From Covering Rallies

CNN Breaking News on Twitter, @cnnbrk, tweeted this morning at 6:38 Pacific that “Iran bans foreign media from covering rallies on streets of Tehran following last week’s disputed presidential vote.”

Iran post election

There’s much buzz over the fact that real news about the post-election reaction in Iran is being covered best by those on Twitter messaging in and out of Iran. The site’s “Trending Topics” sidebar has featured #iranelection at the top spot for more than 2 days.

Links to real time photos and videos, as well as active inside Iran Twitter member usernames are posted regularly.

Many members (Tweeps) have changed their user photos (avatars) to green, and/or included images from Iran, such as green paint dipped fingers making the peace sign. Green is traditionally considered a symbolic color of Islam, but has also come to represent the movement against Iran’s election results.

The action of banning the foreign media from covering the rallies may do little in preventing news from Tweeting out of Iran.

Adopt a Conservative! Digg?

This week’s edition of “Adopt a Conservative!” includes highlights from a post by TheLiePolitic.

I Digg. Do you?


Talk about a mission field….or is it a minefield instead? While I sometimes grapple with the importance of the social networking site Digg, I came across Digg A Conservative Or Moderate Article TODAY! How To Support Your Ideals!

I do want to say that I thoroughly enjoy Digg and sometimes spend way too much time on it. However, I’ve come across some excellent stories and posts, and met some good virtual friends as well!

Here’s some highlights from Digg A Conservative Or Moderate Article TODAY! How To Support Your Ideals!

Digg is one of the most powerful websites in the world. People wait daily for the next big Digg and will jump on new articles that make the front page (lovingly referred to as the FP by Digg fans) to get into the craze of reading and Digg-ing the latest and hottest article.

Digg presents articles in all possible categories. Computers, science, personal interest, you name it!! And regardless of what anyone tells you, it is a sensation and absolutely enormous. According to Alexa, Digg.com is ranked the 248th web site in the entire world. It is hard to fathom that number, but that places it ahead of cnbc.com, and it dwarfs competitive sites like reddit.com at 3831, and showhype at 5338.

For a site to make it under 1000 in the Alexa rankings places it in the elite company of sites like ebay, amazon, and yahoo. We realize these leaders are well ahead, but Digg clearly has power and is getting stronger. How much does it mean to an article that receives Diggs? Getting an article to the front page on Digg has been known to generate so many hits that it often brings sites down because they just can’t handle the traffic.

Biased Politics?

Now why, if you are a conservative or moderate, should you care? Because Digg has made an obvious statement, and they clearly have a liberal, if not radical, political agenda. They are as left wing as any web site can be, and have chosen to spotlite outright political lies and shine a beacon on them to blaze a trail for the liberals to blindly follow.

Be sure to read the full post here. There’s some important information about the steps, you as a conservative, can take.

Final Thought

Do your part America. Let the liberals know they don’t own the web. They just think they do.

DIGG this very post now!

Florida QB Rachets Up ‘John 3:16’ on Google

Tim Tebow after BCS Championship

Some days…it’s so good to get Good News!

This from WorldNetDaily:

Tebow makes ‘John 3:16’ hottest Google search
Florida QB inscribed Bible reference on eye black for championship game

“John 3:16” has appeared in various forms at nationally televised sporting events over the years, but after University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow inscribed it on his eye black for last night’s BCS national championship game, the biblical reference became the most popular search item on Google.com.

Google Trends this morning had “John 3:16” ahead of searches for actress Mary Lynn Rajskub and the Windows 7 beta download. Searches for Tebow himself came in at No. 18…

Full story

Spotlight Heats Up on China’s Olympics, Human Rights Violations

While press coverage intensifies as the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing are just days away, the world learns of a warped government.

A few days ago you may have read the story about how the Chinese have decided to censor the Internet during the games. Persecution Blog covers all the bases as far as China’s mixed signals.

Read more at Persecution Blog


Persecution Blog

Educators, Bloggers Find an Inconvenient ‘Expelled’

Ben Stein’s movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed has made its case even before its first public showing.


The movie, which opens this week, is about science clashing with teachers who side with the possibility that man and the universe had a designer. Some teachers have even been “expelled” for their view…or at least ridiculed. The opposition to the Intelligent Design school of thought is so strong that not only have jobs been placed in jeapordy, but censorship reigns free.

The movie’s exposition of censorship in the educational system should no longer be a stretch in anyone’s mind. Those of you that peruse the internet, blogging and chatting, should already know about the ID hate that is out there.

I’ve had links to the movie site removed from group discussions, gone round and round about the topic, and all of a sudden heard about this Ben Stein hate…normally considered a loveable actor who played a teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Today’s example of ID suppression comes from a blogger who is in the process of setting up a To Hell with Expelled Blog Carnival. If you hurry, you can get your submission in today! wink wink

This from the Dinosaurs and The Bible: A Creationist’s Fairy Tale blog:

You have until tomorrow at 8PM EST to get your submissions in for To Hell with Expelled Blog Carnival. And please, no pro Expelled posts. I had to delete a pro Expelled post which claims the movie is all about free speech and asks, “What is wrong with presenting both sides of the issue since both issues are claimed to be faith based?”

Answer: The movie is not about free speech. It’s about pure criminal deception and everything done only in the favor of YE creationists and IDists. The film presents only ONE faith based issue and this film is only a ONE-sided issue which favors intelligent design and creationism and all of its deceit, distortions, dishonesty, and criminal activities within while giving the other side no chances of ever making their side of the issue known. And if one were given a chance to give out their side of the issue, the creationist would make a big noise to drown out the truth, take that side out of context, shunning out everything they hate, and twist and distort it about to make it look so bad that it will make the lay audience be herded into only seeing the creationist side of the issue and nothing else. That’s how creationists manipulate, proselytize, and indoctrinate people into creationism in the most crafty, deceptive, dangerous way.

My, my….why all the hate?

DAY 3: War on Reason Quote of the Day

“You, sir, are quite possibly the most misguided propaganda hound I have ever encountered.” -Alex Taylor, posted on ExpelledtheMovie.com/blog