Atheist Activists Gear Up for ‘War on Christmas,’ Sell Winter Solstice Greeting Cards, Bible Warning Stickers

christmas cp

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is gearing up for the so-called “War on Christmas” this year by promoting products to help nonbelievers celebrate the winter solstice.

“Most people think December is strictly for Christians and view the solstice as an intrusion, when actually it’s the other way around,” Dan Barker, FFRF co-president, said in a statement. “People have been celebrating the winter solstice long before Christmas. We see Christianity as the intruder, trying to steal the natural holiday from all of us humans.”

The Madison, Wis.-based organization said in a press release that winter solstice is “the real reason for the season.” FFRF is selling, among other things, 14 varieties of winter solstice greeting cards that say things like “Reason’s Greetings” and “Yes, Virginia . . . There Is No God” and more.

The group is also promoting items such as Bible warning stickers, “debaptismal certificates” and “Heathen’s Greetings” non-tracts, which are small brochures that attempt to address “myths” about religion or freethought. FULL STORY

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