‘Jesus Glasses’ Case Not Over; 9th Circuit Fails to Rule on Classroom Hostility

“The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals refused to make constitutional limits and define what would be considered hostile comments about religion in a classroom. They specifically did not want to address this issue because they did not want to rule in favor of Chad Farnan. Even more specifically, they did not want to set precedent as to defining what hostility toward religion is in the classroom.” – Robert Taylor, Advocates for Faith & Freedom

FULL STORY: http://www.christianpost.com/news/court-ruling-in-creationism-is-nonsense-case-politically-motivated-lawyers-say-54335/

Student Wins Case Against Christian-Bashing Teacher

Orange County high school student, Chad Farnan, has won a lawsuit in which the court ruled Friday against a teacher who was shown to often use his classroom to attack Christian thought.


In the Farnan v. Capistrano Unified School District case, Farnan, a sophomore at Capistrano Valley High School at the time, stated that his Advanced Placement European History teacher, Dr. James Corbett spends a good portion of each lecture attacking Christianity and other religions.

Farnan, who said he often prayed for his teacher, taped a lecture by Corbett in which he stated that “when you put on your Jesus glasses, you can’t see the truth.”

The judge in the case held that Corbett did violate an establishment clause by stating “an unequivocal belief that creationism is ‘superstitious nonsense,'” according to a press release from the group defending Farnan. The court went on to hold that Corbett’s statement “constitutes improper disapproval of religion in violation of the Establishment Clause.”

The Advocates For Faith and Freedom Law group’s statement on the case:

In reviewing hours of statements by Dr. Corbett, we believe he is violating the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution by attacking religion, particularly Christianity, and creating a hostile environment for religious students. We have filed a lawsuit in an attempt to have the teacher removed from teaching this class and to establish precedent that will put teachers on notice that attacking students’ religious beliefs in class is a violation of law.

Following our filing of the First Amended Complaint, the School District and teacher filed a motion to dismiss the case. In opposing the School District, Advocates emphasized the need to interpret the First Amendment in such a way that protects Chad’s right to attend class without being constantly barraged with the teacher’s anti-Christian sentiments.

The Judge denied the School District’s motion to dismiss. Subsequently, the California Teachers Association filed a motion with the Court seeking to intervene on behalf of the School District and Dr. Corbett. The judge has permitted the intervention. Both sides filed a motion for summary judgment, asking the Court to rule in their favor. On May 1, 2009, the Court issued rendered a first-of-its-kind decision in Chad’s favor.

In a Web site Farnan setup to defend himself he previously wrote: “This was not an easy thing for me to do. As my family and I listened to the tapes of Dr. Corbett and his anti-christian views, we prayed for him everyday and hoped that he would stop.”

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Jesus Glasses Update

Judge Grants Motion to Intervene in Chad Farnan Case

Here’s an update on Farnan v. Capistrano Unified School District, a case in which a Christian student and his family are up against a California High School teacher whose anti-Christian rants in the classroom were caught on audio tape.

This from Advocates for Faith and Freedom, the group defending Farnan:

Advocates argued before Federal District Court Judge Selna on the motion to intervene by the California Teachers Association on April 28, 2008.

The judge granted its motion to intervene and to defend high school teacher, Dr. James Corbett, and the Capistrano Unified School District. It would be interesting to know if the Association would have intervened on behalf of the teacher if he were accused of promoting Christianity instead of atheism!

Advocates is providing legal assistance at no cost to Chad. We need you to stand firmly with us right now with your prayers and gifts of support so that we can continue to defend this devoted Christian young man. Please visit Advocates for Faith and Freedom’s “Donate Now” page to give your online tax-deductible contribution in support of Chad Farnan and all of our ongoing work across the country.


Judge Orders ‘Jesus Glasses’ Case To Go Forward

Jesus Glasses and Bloggers For Chad Farnan

Farnan Spells Out Feelings in ‘Jesus Glasses’ Case


Student Sues School For Zero Grade on ‘Religious’ Art

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Jesus Glasses and Bloggers for Chad Farnan, Continued

It’s been about a year-and-a-half, but good news takes awhile to come sometimes.

OC student wins case against Christian-bashing teacher

The list of bloggers supporting a student whose teacher repeatedly talked Christian hate continues!

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Jesus Glasses and Bloggers for Chad Farnan, Part 1

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Judge Orders ‘Jesus Glasses’ Case To Go Forward

Not only did Chad Farnan’s history teacher discredit Christians, according to a lawsuit filed by the Orange County, California high school student and his family, but churchgoers in the U.S. South as well.

This from FoxNews.com:

Student Sues ‘Anti-Christian’ Teacher Over Remarks in Class

A student and his family have filed a federal lawsuit demanding that a popular European history teacher at California’s Capistrano Valley High School be fired for what they say were anti-Christian remarks he made in the classroom. Image found at ChadFarnan.com

Chad Farnan, a 16-year-old sophomore, says the teacher, James Corbett, told his students that “Jesus glasses” obscure the truth and suggested that Christians are more likely than other people to commit rape and murder.

Farnan recorded his teacher telling students in class: “What country has the highest murder rate? The South! What part of the country has the highest rape rate? The South! What part of the country has the highest rate of church attendance? The South!” Farnan said he took the tape recorder to class to supplement his class notes. Full Story

Also, in the story…

The Farnans’ complaint was dismissed by the school district, but they took their plight to federal court, where U.S. District Judge James Selna said he believed the case has merit and ordered it to go forward, probably before the end of the year.

The Farnans say that if the school agrees to put Corbett through sensitivity training and requires him to apologize to the students he offended, then the family would consider dropping their lawsuit. The school district has yet to comment on the offer.


Jesus Glasses and Bloggers For Chad Farnan

Farnan Spells Out Feelings in ‘Jesus Glasses’ Case


Student Sues School For Zero Grade on ‘Religious’ Art

Farnan Spells Out Feelings in ‘Jesus Glasses’ Case

“Jesus Glasses” graphic at ChadFarnan.com

Orange County, Calif., High school student Chad Farnan launches website in response to support for his case against a history teacher said to repeatedly bash Christians during class. The site includes his statement about the case involving Dr. James Corbett, links, and press releases.

His homepage at ChadFarnan.com includes the following statement:

This was not an easy thing for me to do. As my family and I listened to the tapes of Dr. Corbett and his anti-christian views, we prayed for him everyday and hoped that he would stop. My parents told me that I didn’t have to deal with this and they would just take me out of the class. But as I prayed about it, I thought about my christian friends and other kids who had to leave his class, I also thought about the other kids who don’t know God and wouldn’t want to know him by the end of the year after hearing what he was saying. At that time I knew God was calling me to do something but I was afraid. Why me, I am only a 16 year old kid? I knew I had to step up and do what God was calling me to do even though  I was scared. I knew I was going to be persecuted and that it would not be easy. But I also knew, with all my heart, it was the right thing to do.

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‘Jesus Glasses’ image at ChadFarnan.com

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UK Teacher: Does Keeping Religion Out of US Schools Prepare Kids For Life?

In the Jesus Glasses and Bloggers For Chad Farnan post, a high school politics and sociology teacher in the UK asks in the comment section some very pointed questions. Seems he is a bit perplexed by Capistrano Valley High School teacher James Corbett’s “teaching” approach…and on a wider scale, the US public school approach to religion.

Here’s his comment:

Could you tell me, is the kind of agenda pursued by Corbett quite common in US state schools?

What I find a bit of an enigma is this: On one hand, religion is to be kept out of the classroom and yet, on the other, as some defenders of Corbett seem to be pointing out, it is impossible to cover European history without looking at the role of religion. How do your educators reconcile the two?

When it comes to the coverage of European history in your schools, does the role of the Reformers such as Luther and Tyndale in empowering the common people by translating the scriptures out of Latin and into their own languages ever get examined? Do your schools examine the huge roles of Calvin, Knox and Zwingli in liberating the people from the 16th century bondage of a corrupt Roman Catholic church?

Or does religious history only get examined when it’s appropriate to bash the church?

When Martin Luther King gets covered in the US syllabus, is his spiritual motivation as well as his social and political activism examined?

It seems like your system is quite similar to France’s where religion is to be kept at a long arm’s length. I once asked a French school teacher, “Why are you so afraid of religion in France?” He didn’t like this as the French, like most of us, are a rather proud people!

In Scotland, we actually have Religious Education (as distinct from religious “instruction”) in schools. Yes, it’s subject to abuses and I’m not happy about confusing kids with TMI too early, but it does bring a hugely relevant part of people’s lives into the school, rather than simply pretend religion doesn’t exist.

Our students are encouraged to pursue their own ‘Personal Search’ and the RE classroom is an environment where Christian students can, for example, say why they believe in Jesus Christ, and atheists can say why they do not. I’ve seen this happen from time to time in my own classes.

We also have Religious Observance where local miisters come into the school and regularly address the youngsters. If atheists do not wish their children to be exposed to this they have the protected right to withdraw them from such events.

In the UK, like everywhere, we have our problems, but I don’t see how, particularly in such a strongly Christian country as America, you can keep religion out of school and at the same time be fully preparing kids for life after school. Some say, if people want God let them send their kids to a private Christian school, but is that fair when your state school system which is so hugely funded by Christian taxes?

Please go to Jesus Glasses and Bloggers For Chad Farnan to join the discussion.