Shock and Awe: Send In the Choir!

All right, guys, here’s the plan today. An army is out there, armed to the teeth. So, we are sending in the choir and the musicians.

In the Old Testament, we find an interesting story of how King Jehoshaphat took an uncommon approach when his enemies waged war against him. Instead of sending in his army first, he sent in the choir and musicians. – Greg Laurie

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Max Lucado: ‘Six Hours One Friday’

My lower back hurts, I need to accomplish about 20 things before tomorrow, and I feel a bit overwhelmed. Today, I really need to live in the power of the cross. But, what does that mean to live in the power of the cross?

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Just Barely Holding On

This from Barry Minkow….yes, of ZZZZ Best carpet fraud fame!

Four dollars per gallon at the pump…foreclosure crisis…the tightening of the credit policies…the strain on business… If we are honest about ourselves, even without considering these current issues, chances are many of us are just barely holding on in one or two areas of our life…

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Commandment of Love

Last night, I felt that I did not love God enough. I haven’t been talking (praying) to Him enough, praising Him enough, or simply acknowledging Him enough. So, I prayed, asking Him to help me love Him.

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Raising Expectations

It’s incredible to think about the fact that God is so much more than simply the God of the Bible. He is more than someone or something you put on a shelf and pull out every so often. He is as real today as He ever was…and we can see Him work in and around us with just a little bit of faith.

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I want to do just one thing

I want a lot. But maybe I should not want so much and do just one thing – love God. This is my prayer: to love God with all my heart, all my soul, and all my mind. Do I need encouragement? Yes, I do daily…and I found a good dose right here…

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Getting to the End of Yourself

Spiritual growth is a process. There is an order. Lessons must be learned before other lessons can be assimilated… – Charles Stanley

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