Sons of Thunder…or Not So Much?

James and John were called the “Sons of Thunder.” When they discovered a Samaritan village that would not receive Jesus, they were fully prepared to call down fire to consume the entire community! Perhaps they felt that through such a show of power, their gospel message might be enhanced… – Henry Blackaby

A lot of Christians seem to be ready to “call down fire” when it comes to the morality of their neighbors, friends, relatives…and even this country. However, from what perspective are they coming from…their own or God’s?

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Commandment of Love

Last night, I felt that I did not love God enough. I haven’t been talking (praying) to Him enough, praising Him enough, or simply acknowledging Him enough. So, I prayed, asking Him to help me love Him.

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Study: Living Like a Sheep Can Bring You Peace

The biblical shepherd knew everything about his sheep. He understood what foods were best for them and what would harm them. He knew when they should eat and when they needed their thirst quenched. The shepherd was an expert of the terrain and was aware of the best places for food and water. – Henry Blackaby

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