Georgia: H.S. students make a statement of faith

Student body, football players remain ‘Warriors for Christ’ despite Bible-verses ban

Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School

Students at Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School in Georgia were not going to let issues of church and state deter them from making a statement Friday night…


L.A.: Top 9 things not to do after a Lakers championship win

Yes, this is a Top 10 list, but to find the number one thing not to do after a Lakers championship win you’ll have to visit today’s Offbeat column at LA Church and State Examiner. Thanks for the additional click! Don’t worry, there are no strings attached…it’s just a way of support!

Lakers fans "celebrate"

Top 10 Things Not To Do After a Lakers Championship Win

10. Set your hair on fire.

9. Rip off your Kobe jersey and go naked at your mother-in-law’s hosted Lakers party.

8. Call your friend in Orlando and say you are taking them off your “favorite five.”

7. Mistake a pack of eco-terrorists as Lakers fans and join them in a night of burning cars.

6. Bring marsh mellows to roast at your favorite street intersection bonfire.

5. Think rocking cars and flipping them over is the coolest thing since cow tipping.

4. Set your sister’s hair on fire.

3. Ask a cop in full riot gear to join you in a midnight game of HORSE.

2. Think the Second Amendment means it’s okay to shoot bullets into the air.

And the number one thing not to do after a Lakers Championship Win is…

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Whether it be tonight or another night that the Lakers win the trophy…be safe L.A.!

Supreme Court Rejects H.S. Coach’s Desire to Kneel with Players


Coach Marcus Borden of East Brunswick High School takes a knee as a player says a pregame prayer in the locker room moments before a game between East Brunswick and Woodbridge High School in 2007. (Boston Globe/Stan Grossfeld)

Coach Marcus Borden of East Brunswick High School takes a knee as a player says a pregame prayer in the locker room moments before a game between East Brunswick and Woodbridge High School in 2007. (Boston Globe/Stan Grossfeld)

The Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from a New Jersey high school football coach who wants to bow his head and kneel during prayers led by his players despite a school district policy prohibiting it.

In yet another example of today’s supposed culture of tolerance being intolerant, the AP story continues:

In an order today, the justices ended Marcus Borden’s fight against the East Brunswick school district’s policy that forbids him and other staff members from joining in student-led prayer. The federal appeals court in Philadelphia sided with the district.

The high court declined to weigh in on whether Borden’s desire to bow his head silently and “take a knee” with his football players violates the Constitution’s prohibition on government endorsement of religion. Borden says such gestures are secular.

The school district says Borden, the East Brunswick coach since 1983, had a long history of leading prayers before he was ordered to stop after complaints from some parents. The district says the issue is whether its policy is constitutional, not Borden’s actions… read more

“It’s one thing to say a teacher can’t lead students in prayer, but a federal appeals court has ruled that a football coach can’t even bow his head while his players pray. In his Stoplight commentary, ‘No Head Shall Bow,’ Stuart Shepard throws a flag on the play.” — CitizenLink


Super Bowl Faithful Unashamed

From the Cardinals’ Warner to the Steelers’ Polamalu, players on both sides readily invoke name of Godindianapolis-colts-prayer-in-locker-room


Had I gone from grocery store bagger to Super Bowl MVP I might have boasted a little about myself. But, not Arizona Cardinal QB, Kurt Warner.

As he enters this Sunday’s Super Bowl contest against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Warner could also say he’s “been there, done that.”

But instead, his words and actions reflect this Bible verse from Galatians 6:14:

But God forbid that I should boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.


Even talk of retirement, includes who he will unashamedly consult first.

TAMPA, Fla.– (USA TODAY) At 37, another season is not guaranteed for Kurt Warner.

The Cardinals QB acknowledged that a second Super Bowl win on Sunday could provide a capstone to his career, but said he does not know what will happen.

In your mind, you say ‘Well how could it get any better? How could you finish off any better?’ ” Warner said of exiting after a Super Bowl win. “But I don’t think that’s going to make the decision for me. I don’t think it’s going to be based off of ‘Well is this the perfect script?’

“Ultimately, I think God is going to make that decision for me.” … more

Here’s another sports writer trying to get a handle on why so many of this weekend’s warriors are men of faith.

Faith mixes with football for Super Bowl

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Arizona running back Tim Hightower had just finished a thoughtful explanation of his religious beliefs when one of the media types who found their way into the Super Bowl stadium Tuesday decided he needed more proof.

“Can you pray right now?” he asked.

“I can pray that whatever is going on in your life right now that you find God,” Hightower said.

Hightower handled the question with the same ease he handled would-be tacklers to score the winning touchdown that got his team into the Super Bowl, which by itself was somewhat surprising since he is a rookie on the biggest stage of his young life.

Even more surprising at this Super Bowl, though, is how so many players on both teams aren’t hesitating to invoke the name of God as they prepare to play a violent game where there will be no mercy shown on either side.

Usually that has writers setting down their pens and cameramen hitting the pause button until talk returns to the game itself.

But the depth of convictions from evangelical Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner to the Steelers who will do their best to plant him face-first into the ground on Sunday… more

Something the writer doesn’t say is that several years ago, pro football players were on the mission field of Athletes in Action (Christian ministry group) and many athletes accepted Jesus as a result. Others became great Christian leaders, like Reggie White, who led others to Christ. So, it wasn’t necessarily the “violence” that brought players to their knees….God’s grace and Christians fulfilling the great commission.

Some may claim burnout on the whole pointing to God thing in sports. As for me, I will never get tired of it. It’s not about God “rooting for the Cardinals…or the Steelers.” I believe God is rooting for you and I to follow His son, Jesus, and if we happen to give glory to Him when we score our “touchdowns” of life, I’m sure it brings a smile!

The Scrooge Report Tracking…
Super Bowl TV Ad: To run or not to run?

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America’s Obsession With All Things Cheese… and Brett Favre

My ‘Goes Healthy’ blog has been neglected, but I thought we might talk cheese… and what a great way to tie in the Brett Favre news! Do you think Americans eat too much cheese…and do you think Favre will take the NY Jets to the Superbowl?

I especially like cheese on my burgers and this clause in the Packers-Jets trade, according to

The Packers will receive a fourth-round draft pick in 2009. The selection would turn into a third-rounder if Favre plays in 50 percent of the plays this season, a second-rounder if he plays in 70 percent and the Jets make the playoffs, or a first-round pick if he plays in 80 percent and the Jets make it to the Super Bowl.

What a country!

Please visit my TheBigRuski Goes Healthy blog you cheeseheads!

Spotlight Heats Up on China’s Olympics, Human Rights Violations

While press coverage intensifies as the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing are just days away, the world learns of a warped government.

A few days ago you may have read the story about how the Chinese have decided to censor the Internet during the games. Persecution Blog covers all the bases as far as China’s mixed signals.

Read more at Persecution Blog


Persecution Blog

A Lot of Bull

Us humans are always looking for ways to exalt ourselves – especially men. For some, climbing a mountain, swimming across a channel, or running a marathon provides a good enough dosage of self esteem building.

However, for others, somewhat sane exercises in getting the juices flowing aren’t enough…they need to get into the insane. Enter the running of the bulls in Pamplona. Animals versus humans…I just don’t get it.

The ‘Los San Fermines’ festival just reminds me that a lot of people crave the extreme. Just a quick peek at YouTube will make you realize that us humans are pretty stupid…I mean setting ourselves on fire, getting run over by cars, beating each other up to bloody messes….Wow! What good fun!

As for me, I’ll try to increase my half-hour neighborhood walks to 45 minutes this week…thank you very much!


Thrill seekers are chased by Conde de La Corte ranch fighting bulls during the San Fermin festival in Pamplona, northern Spain. The ‘Los San Fermines’ festival, held since 1591, attracts tens of thousands of foreign visitors each year for nine days of revelry (testosterone overload), morning bull-runs and afternoon bullfights. (photos AP)

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