USA Beauty Pageant Officials, Media Intolerant of Traditional Marriage View

Blonde and Conservative
Carrie Prejean

Even before openly gay blogger and Miss USA judge, Perez Hilton, confessed that beauty pageant contestant, Carrie Prejean, lost a chance at the crown because of “the way Miss California answered her question,” on gay marriage, the sharks were circling.

Yahoo News declared a Miss California “awkward moment.”

“ paints her as the bad guy for offending the celebrity judge, while failing to mention that a majority of said beauty queen’s fellow Californians agree with her views,” wrote NewsBusters Managing Editor, Ken Shepherd.

Entertainment Weekly on its website: “Miss Cali did no service to womankind — much less the gay marriage movement — with her stumbling answer.”

And the sharks kept circling around Prejean, the 21-year-old blonde bombshell, who attends San Diego Christian College… reports:

Keith Lewis, who runs the Miss California competition, tells that he was “saddened” by Prejean’s statement.

“As co-director of the Miss California USA, I am personally saddened and hurt that Miss California believes marriage rights belong only to a man and a woman,” said Lewis in a statement. “I believe all religions should be able to ordain what unions they see fit. I do not believe our government should be able to discriminate against anyone and religious beliefs have no politics in the Miss California family.”

When asked by judge Hilton, whether she believed in gay marriage, Prejean, said “We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite. And you know what, I think in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that’s how I was raised.”

So, this is what it’s come to…you can be beautiful in America and win beauty pageants, but you can’t win them if you don’t tow the liberal line. Get to the back of the bus, beautiful conservatives!

The message: beautiful women opposed to gay marriage, and who are in support of traditional marriage are not pageant crown material!

And when the heat gets too hot for many liberals, they revert back to name-calling. On a video blog on his website Hilton said, “She lost not because she doesn’t believe in gay marriage, she lost because she’s a dumb bitch!”

Tolerance? Hardly. Carrie Prejean, who has also modeled for E! Entertainment at the Academy Awards, should have not only been afforded more respect, but judges should now do a recount to check their consciences and vote for the Miss USA winner again.

If it was a traditional view of marriage that cost Prejean the crown, she is the winner through and through…regardless if she is wearing a Miss USA tiara or not.

Miss California: ‘God was testing my character and faith’
Miss USA runner-up shares Sunday message at home church

Story also published at the L.A. Church & State Examiner

Alexander: Is Kabbalah OK to teach in public schools?

The word “kabbalah” was not mentioned in the Kester class, but its presence seemed unmistakable. Zucker and facilitator wore red knotted strings – frequently used by kabbalah practitioners to ward off the evil eye – around the left wrists. They also used terms – such as “light” and “the opponent” – that are found throughout the L.A. Center’s website and its IRS filings. – L.A. Times story, Seema Mehta reporter

Alexander Murashko asks as the LA Church & State Examiner: Is Kabbalah OK to teach in public schools?

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LA Church & State Examiner Debuts

The Scrooge Report’s church and state stories with a focus on Los Angeles can now be found at

The LA Church & State Examiner kicked off with Christian college club exists on campus ‘unofficially’

Here’s the lead:

LONG BEACH – An on-campus Christian club at California State University Long Beach is vowing to continue its Bible-based ministry despite losing a federal lawsuit accusing campus officials of violating its constitutional rights by denying the group official status.

Full Story at LA Church & State Examiner

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Someone Who Believes That Nothing Made Everything

Richard Dawkins billboard
The Scrooge Report has reported on the Freedom From Religion Foundation group in several stories before.

Now, Ray Comfort is taking a wack at them by launching a new billboard campaign.

Ray Comfort's billboard campaign

Comfort, author of You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, But You Can’t Make Him Think, writes in his Atheist Central blog:

The first billboard is up. (photo at right) Thanks to Freedom From Relgion Inc. for their inspiration, many more will be going up around the country. This one is on the 105 freeway in Los Angeles, and will be seen by nearly one million cars each week.

The FFRF billboard and bus sign campaign includes several sayings of famous atheists like the one seen at the top of this post.

Thank you Ray Comfort for your courage and efforts!

I’m all for giving an atheist a hug, but when their group’s agenda includes attempts at mass indoctrination, watch out!


Counselor suspended after teens hear Christian music
Accused of ‘exposing children to unapproved religious activities’

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. — (WND) A Southern California counselor with nearly two decades of experience with foster children is challenging a decision that she be punished after four teens she took on an approved day-long outing encountered a beach festival – and heard Christian music… read
Ray Comfort offers atheist $10K to debate him
Christian author throws down gauntlet in challenging celebrity atheist to debate

— (WND) Ray Comfort, author of the new book, “You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence but You Can’t Make Him Think,” is challenging celebrity atheist Richard Dawkins to a debate – and sweetening the offer by offering him $10,000, win, lose or draw… read
Gospel for Asia workers arrested in India

CHHATTISGARH, India — (Mission Network News) Founder and President of Gospel for Asia KP Yohannan says, “Significant numbers of anti-Christian people came and threatened them first, then they started beating up all the Christians. Instead of arresting the people that were beating up the Christians and causing such havoc, the police arrested 11 of our missionaries and took them to prison.”

The missionaries were severely beaten, as were several Christians in attendance. They also destroyed the sound system and the tent where the estimated 2,500 believers were meeting… read

The Scrooge Report Tracking…

No church pew for you! TheScroogeReport is following stories including an order to stop churches from providing beds for homeless in New York, college evangelism as a possible crime, and confusion in Hollywood over Prop 8 proponents among them.

NYC Churches Ordered Not To Shelter Homeless

NEW YORK (CBS) ― City officials have ordered 22 New York churches to stop providing beds to homeless people.

With temperatures well below freezing early Saturday, the churches must obey a city rule requiring faith-based shelters to be open at least five days a week — or not at all.

Arnold Cohen, president of the Partnership for the Homeless, a nonprofit that serves as a link with the city, said he had to tell the churches they no longer qualify.

He said hundreds of people now won’t have a place to sleep… more

Court to decide whether campus evangelism a crime

MARYSVILLE, Calif. ( – The “free-speech code” of Yuba Community College District is under federal court scrutiny.

California student, Ryan Dozier, decided to spend some time on campus sharing his faith and handing out tracts to fellow students, generating conversations about Christianity. Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) attorney Heather Hacker comments on the situation.

“A campus police officer came over and told him that if he continued to do so without a permit that he would be possibly expelled or arrested, and so Ryan stopped immediately,” she explains.

Hacker says Dozier thought the case was closed, but he was apparently mistaken. “Three weeks later he got a certified letter from the president of the college stating that his actions were the subject of a campus crime report,” she adds. “Last time I checked, sharing your faith on a public college campus was not a crime.”

But the letter informed him he could face expulsion if he shared his faith on campus again. ADF filed suit, and a federal judge has ordered the college to suspend enforcement of its highly restricted free speech policies until the lawsuit is resolved.

Liberal Hollywood ponders next step in fight for same-sex marriage

HOLLYWOOD (Los Angeles Times) – After the passage of Proposition 8, some are calling for boycotts and firings. Others worry about free speech rights being trampled.

Should there be boycotts, blacklists, firings or de facto shunning of those who supported Proposition 8?

That’s the issue consuming many in liberal Hollywood who fought to defeat the initiative banning same-sex marriage and are now reeling with recrimination and dismay. Meanwhile, activists continue to comb donor lists and employ the Internet to expose those who donated money to support the ban.

Already out is Scott Eckern, director of the nonprofit California Musical Theatre in Sacramento, who resigned after a flurry of complaints from prominent theater artists, including “Hairspray” composer Marc Shaiman, when word of his contribution to the Yes on 8 campaign surfaced… more

Ellen Equates Support for Prop 8 as ‘Hate’

Ellen Degeneres, appearing on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Monday, voiced her opposition to California’s Proposition 8 by saying financial contributors supporting a ‘yes’ vote on the measure “don’t need to promote hate.”

“There’s a lot of people raising millions of dollars. They are trying to take this away from us and trying to stop gay people from marrying…,” Degeneres said. “I look at the people that are losing their homes and that are foreclosing, and people in Texas that have lost their homes. There are so many people that need money right now and if you are raising money right now, and if you are raising millions of dollars, give it to those people right now because you don’t need to promote hate.”

Proposition 8, as defined by the Yes on 8 campaign, places into the California Constitution the same language that voters already passed by 61% of the vote in 2000. This is necessary to overturn an outrageous California Supreme Court decision that overturned Proposition 22, supporters say.

Although gay activists and opponents to Prop 8 have used terms such as “homophobia” in describing supporters of traditional marriage, the Yes on 8 campaign’s website, states otherwise:

Proposition 8 is about preserving marriage; it’s not an attack on the gay lifestyle. Proposition 8 doesn’t take away any rights or benefits of gay or lesbian domestic partnerships. Under California law, “domestic partners shall have the same rights, protections, and benefits” as married spouses. (Family Code § 297.5.) There are NO exceptions. Proposition 8 WILL NOT change this.

Protect Marriage: About Prop 8

Proposition 8 is simple and straightforward. It contains the same 14 words that were previously approved in 2000 by over 61% of California voters: “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”

Because four activist judges in San Francisco wrongly overturned the people’s vote, we need to pass this measure as a constitutional amendment to restore the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman.

Jay Leno also voiced frustration as to why people would be against gay marriages, saying he visits West Hollywood frequently and that “it’s the nicest area, the cleanest area, the safest area.”

“I don’t get it,” Leno said. “If two people want to do something together…”

Degeneres and Leno on California’s Prop 8



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