Letterman can’t get enough Palin

Sarah Palin has been out of the limelight for more than 9 months now, but late-night host David Letterman can’t seem to satiate his appetite for using her as comedic fodder.

Having had to fill a large hole left in his “creative” repertoire when President George W. Bush left office, Letterman’s hate for all-things-conservative now blossoms with any news sound byte about Palin. He salivates when anything, just anything breaking about the former Alaska governor can be used as monologue material … tired monologue material. After all, Letterman has a whole host of Palin haters in his New York studio audience that co-sign his Palin bashing with big chuckles and applause.

Why not keep dipping into the well? Eight years of “George Bush is dumb” as the premise for a huge chunk of Letterman’s nightly humor became so old for some us that it could only be labeled as a liberal mantra. Besides, Palin is so easy. It’s so easy to bash a woman of such chutzpah, such simplicity, and such wisdom … that’s right, wisdom!

What’s wrong with Palin? Everything in the eyes of liberals … barely anything in the eyes of most with conservative thought.

So, go ahead Letterman and gang, keep “joking” on Palin. We are not offended, just amazed at your lack of understanding about what’s truly dumb and laughable: your liberal arrogance.


Letterman has a brief moment of clarity in introducing his Top Ten List: Questions To Ask Yourself Before Spending $63,500 On Dinner with Sarah Palin

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Lakers Celebration: Madsen’s Mad Dog Moment Remains On Top

Mark Madsen
It’s not often we can point at somebody’s faults and not feel guilty about doing so.
Such is the case when talking about former Laker Mark Madsen’s victory parade moment when he not only gave validation to the claim that “white men can’t dance,” but gave a shout out to the Hispanic community in screaching style.

Yesterday, as the Lakers and Los Angeles celebrated the franchise’s 15th NBA Championship, EVERYONE was waiting for that “Mark Madsen moment.” As near as I can tell, it never came. The moment is preserved in historic nerd perspective and the loveable Madsen lives to write about it…as he did in today’s guest column in the LA Times.

Just as awkward as his parade moment…but good and funny!

Madsen writes…

I started getting nervous because that wasn’t what I’d planned for. But Shaq’s so funny. He was always coming up with stuff, sayings, like, “L.A. is the new capital of California, not Sacramento.” It was awesome.

As for my speech, I just wanted it to go quickly. Then all of a sudden, I hear Shaq off to the side saying: “Who let the dogs out?” Shaq is smart and funny and if he said it, I knew it would go over well.

And there was support from the Latino community and we wanted to acknowledge that. I saw our broadcasters and thought, “Hey, I know how to say a few things in Spanish. So why not?”

Mark Madsen’s Speech At 2001 Lakers Championship Parade

Be sure to catch the rest of the Times’ Mark Madsen’s Lakers parade memories are just a dance away.

Thank you, Mad Dog, for the memory. You have our hearts!

L.A.: Top 9 things not to do after a Lakers championship win

Yes, this is a Top 10 list, but to find the number one thing not to do after a Lakers championship win you’ll have to visit today’s Offbeat column at LA Church and State Examiner. Thanks for the additional click! Don’t worry, there are no strings attached…it’s just a way of support!

Lakers fans "celebrate"

Top 10 Things Not To Do After a Lakers Championship Win

10. Set your hair on fire.

9. Rip off your Kobe jersey and go naked at your mother-in-law’s hosted Lakers party.

8. Call your friend in Orlando and say you are taking them off your “favorite five.”

7. Mistake a pack of eco-terrorists as Lakers fans and join them in a night of burning cars.

6. Bring marsh mellows to roast at your favorite street intersection bonfire.

5. Think rocking cars and flipping them over is the coolest thing since cow tipping.

4. Set your sister’s hair on fire.

3. Ask a cop in full riot gear to join you in a midnight game of HORSE.

2. Think the Second Amendment means it’s okay to shoot bullets into the air.

And the number one thing not to do after a Lakers Championship Win is…

Click here!

Whether it be tonight or another night that the Lakers win the trophy…be safe L.A.!

Stephen Baldwin, Chocolate Elvis, and Jesus

Celebrity Baldwin more than survives the Hollywood jungle


By now, most of you know that Stephen Baldwin is the favorite brother out of the four-actor brood for us right-wing extremists, formerly known as Christians with conservative thought.

No, it’s not because Sarah Palin told us so. It’s just that Stevie-B shows us how to have more fun than us Jesus freaks ought to be allowed… (more)

Baldwin tackles issues like pot legalization, abortion, Nancy Pelosi…and how to make a “Chocolate Elvis” (video). He’ll also be one of the contestants on NBC’s “Im a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!” premiering June 1.

LA Church & State Examiner Exclusive: Baldwin with a twist

Photo: “Im a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!” (NBC)

TSR: Obama says he inherited bad humor from Bush

President Barack Obama cracks Special Olympics ‘joke’ on Jay Leno show. Obama Nation heads quick to point out the Bush factor, according to a story from TSR reporters at This Week’s Top Scrooge.

Barack Obama on Jay Leno


****REACTION: Top 5 Bowlers Knocking Down Elitist Pinheads****The top five blog posts on Bowlergate. A look at the Barack Obama Special Olympics “joke” on Jay Leno that only elitists can appreciate!****

Report: NY Times journalists more likely to lie

Bloggers show journalistic integrity – call out New York Times on “vets kill in America” story in a series. This didn’t get as much play the first time around as I would have liked it…wonder why? In honor of the soon to be closing chapter in this particular political season, I thought I would resurrect this story. Enjoy! …read more

DailyGut: Who Hates Sarah Palin?

To them, hating Sarah Palin is a symptom of larger bigotry against the rest of us, the normal. If they saw her at a party, they would wonder how she got in. She’s the anti-Obama, the anti-New York Times, the anti-everything that Tim Robbins loves… – Greg Gutfeld

Sarah Palin in Miss Wasilla times

There was a time when talk of Hitler, even in satire, was pretty much off limits because of the incendiary nature of the topic. Now we throw the name around as some kind of evil stick to hit back at people. Nevertheless, this piece by Greg Gutfeld seems to work in terms of giving a “touche” to liberals on the Sarah Palin warpath.

According to many in the media, we truly have discovered someone worse than Hitler — and it’s Sarah Palin. Head to any left-wing blog or even CNN for that matter and you’ll find the zaniest of conspiracies — froth that even a dude with rabies would find unseemly.

Read more

Photo: 1984 photo of Sarah Palin during Miss Wasilla reign