California’s Slithering ‘No’ Campaign

Support for a ‘Yes’ vote on California’s Proposition 8, which would define marriage as only valid between a man and a woman, has grown since news of a San Francisco class of first-grade students’ field trip to their teacher’s lesbian wedding. However, gay activists continue to scoff at the notion of student indoctrination.

This Week’s Top Scrooge – October 17, 2008


The Class surprises lesbian teacher on wedding day story published by the San Francisco Chronicle helped spark some intense debate over the issue of student indoctrination these last several days.

As reported in

Nearly five months after California’s Supreme Court issued a decision creating same-sex marriage, a class of first graders was the first to be officially exposed to a same-sex marriage ceremony in San Francisco.

It’s a move that some say is “indoctrination.”

Eighteen 5- and 6-year-olds from San Francisco’s Creative Arts Charter School were taken to San Francisco City Hall Monday, where they tossed rose petals and blew bubbles on their lesbian teacher, Erin Carder, after she “married” another woman, Kerri McCoy, in a ceremony presided over by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom.

The “field trip,” which was the brainchild of an unnamed parent, was approved by Creative Arts Charter School director Liz Jaroslow, who did not return phone calls from by press time.

Jaroslow reportedly told the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper that she justified the trip educationally, because, she said, “(I)t really is what we call a teachable moment.”

Opponents to Prop 8 have repeatedly challenged the claims that a “No” vote would mean children would be indoctrinated as a result.

Already taught

More from the CNSNews story:

Chip White, press secretary for the Yes on 8 Campaign, told in a phone interview that this field trip came at the same time that opponents of Proposition 8 are running ads calling proponents “liars” for informing Californians about the consequences to public school kids.

“The other side claims that we’re lying (when we say) that same-sex marriage will be taught in schools. This field trip shows not only will same-sex marriage be taught in schools, but it already is being taught in schools,” he said.

Proposition 8, if adopted, would amend California’s Constitution to say: “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”

“This shows that homosexual ‘marriages’ are designed not just to gain public approval of the homosexual lifestyle, but designed to indoctrinate children to be ‘better’ than their ‘bigoted elders,’” Randy Thomasson, president and founder of the non-profit Campaign for Children and Families, told

“‘Get them while they’re young’ is the goal of homosexual activists, and they’re succeeding in San Francisco,” he added. “Now parents and grandparents have a vivid example from San Francisco of how children are already being indoctrinated to support homosexual marriage and see this as an acceptable ‘relationship’ based on ‘love,’” Thomasson told

Growing support

Public reaction to the incident may be affecting support for the proposition, however, according to polling numbers and financial contributions, according to White.

“The past week and a half has really been a kind of momentum for the ‘Yes on 8’ campaign,” he said.

Citing recent public polling numbers for CBS News gathered by SurveyUSA, White said that support for Proposition 8 had risen by 10 points in the last 11 days, with polling numbers currently showing 47 percent of Californians supporting the proposition, compared with 42 percent against.

“Additionally,” White said, “the ‘No on 8’ side, in an unusual move, released their internal poll to the Los Angeles Times. It also showed the ‘yes’ side in the lead.”

Campaign contributions show similar support. In the most recent filing of contribution reports with the California Secretary of State, proponents listed more than 5,000 pages of contributions.

“We ended up with 62,000 donors, showing that for the last reporting period,” White said, adding that proponents have raised about $25 million.

This Week’s Top Scrooge goes to the “No on Prop 8” campaign for using children in an attempt to teach the rest of us about “true love.” Although there was nothing hateful coming from the students’ innocent admiration of their teacher walking down the steps of San Francisco’s City Hall with her partner, the underlying message from the adults involved was designed to attack those with traditional views on marriage.

A “Yes” vote on Prop 8 has nothing to do with the percieved “hate” gay activists would like to pin on supporters of traditional marriage. A “Yes” vote simply attempts to restore the definition of marriage to what the vast majority of California voters already approved and what Californians agree should be supported, not undermined.

What about the gay agenda? Indoctrination may be too strong of a word for some…but, let’s just say a slow, slithering seepage.


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This from the Los Angeles Times:

Long, 54, an assistant pastor at Life Spring Community Church and a teacher at Oaks Christian School, had always been known for his teachable moments. As part of his “object lessons” Long would bring in just about any kind of prop — a shovel, a cookie or old sneakers — to drive a message home.

As night fell, Amatangelo realized that Long had already written the message for that Sunday. Literally. But the sermon would need a little rewording, and nerves to deliver it. Sunday came.

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Canadian Writer Includes Alaska in Palin Hate Rant

Perhaps ’tis the season to go Scrooge. After all, Halloween is right around the corner (well, kinda). Before you know it, it’ll be Christmas. But it isn’t the chill of the night air that prompts me to fire up This Week’s Top Scrooge, it’s the presidential race and the Palin factor.

This Week’s Top Scrooge – September 19, 2008


I’ll pass on talking about the sophmoric behavior on both sides of the political aisle when it comes to Obama Rock Star and get straight to the resulting behavior from a barely 3-week-old phenom, Tabloid darling, straight-talking, Viagra-alternative Sarah Palin.

Heather Mallick

Heather Mallick may need to take a road trip.

She’s brought out the best and worst in us, but for the sake of this column I’ll stick to the worst.

Toronto-based writer Heather Mallick seems to have tapped into the inner child of delinquent adults by penning a piece that, as a writer puts it, describes Palin supporters as “white trash,” compares the vice presidential candidate to a “porn actress” and calls her daughter’s boyfriend a “redneck” and “ratboy.”

The story continues:

The incendiary column by Toronto-based writer Heather Mallick appeared on the CBC News site on Sept. 5, after the close of the Republican National Convention. On the same day, Britain’s Guardian newspaper published another column by Mallick in which she trashed Palin’s home state of Alaska as a “frontier state full of drunks and crazy people.”

In the CBC story, Mallick wrote that John McCain’s running mate “added nothing to the ticket that the Republicans didn’t already have sewn up, the white trash vote.”

She proceeded to write that the Alaska governor “has a toned-down version of the porn actress look favored by this decade’s woman, the overtreated hair, puffy lips and permanently alarmed expression.”

She also questioned why the Palins were allowing Levi Johnston — 17-year-old Bristol Palin’s boyfriend and father of her unborn baby — into the family.

“What normal father would want Levi ‘I’m a f—-n’ redneck’ Johnson prodding his daughter?” Mallick asked.

Palin-bashing…an excuse to hate on Alaska

Mallick also blasted Alaska as Canada’s ugly stepchild.

“We love our own north to the point of covering our eyes and humming as it melts … but Alaska is different from our north,” she wrote. “We share a 1,500-mile border with a frontier state full of drunks and crazy people, of the blight that cheap-built structures bring to a glorious landscape.

“Alaska is our redneck cousin, our Yukon territory forms a blessed buffer zone, and thank God he never visits. Alaska is the end of the line.”

Mallick epitomizes every hate-toting liberal media member/blogger jumping on the Palin Sucks bandwagon…and I’ll throw in the U.S.-hating Canadian train as well.

Sure, Palin basically gave the equivalent of President George Bush’s “bring it on” message to terrorists with her lipsticked pit bull speech at the GOP convention, but do we now have to hear the libs playground trash talk forever?

As This Week’s Top Scrooge, Mallick may need to take a road trip to the Alaskan tundra, suck up some fresh air, and taste the sweet smell of a sunny day in the U.S. of A.


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A Thirst for Righteousness

They say pain is the touchstone to spiritual growth. I can vouch for that! It’s been a tough week. Yet, I’ve reached out more to the One who can make me whole…and for that I am grateful.

Money…no money. Health…no health. These are important aspects of our lives that can not be ignored. However, there is One who can make all the difference!

You can see my full post at Alexander. The devotion is taken from Billy Graham’s Hope for Each Day.


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School Prohibits Student’s Shirt Against Abortion

Even if he’s the only person at the school who believes that, he should still be able to wear that shirt under the Constitution, and they’ve taken that away from him. – Jeanne Ibbitson, mother of student

This from

Hutchinson, MN – A Minnesota school district is the subject of a lawsuit from a pro-life law firm after it prohibited a student from wearing a shirt that condemned abortion. The Thomas More Law Center filed the suit Wednesday on behalf of the student and his mother.