Christian group files amendments against vague hate crime laws

A Christian advocacy group has recently filed two amendments to the California Constitution in an effort to prevent hate crime legislation from infringing on religious speech.


Pastor Allan Esses, founder of “Yes Jesus is Lord” and proponent of the amendments, said, “Although the Bill of Rights guarantees religious liberty, recent restrictions on the free exercise of religion have compelled the organization to submit clarifications of citizen’s First Amendment rights, similar to the need felt by some of the nation’s Founding Fathers to clarify in the Bill of Rights what they believed existed in the Constitution.

“Those of us involved with Yes Jesus Is Lord are concerned that the time is fast approaching when Californians, as well as all Americans, will be subject to some of the most unbelievable acts and restrictive laws we have seen or heard,” Esses said… READ FULL STORY

Photo: Billy Graham spoke to huge crowds during the “Christ for Greater Los Angeles” tent revival in 1949. (BGC Archives)

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