Empty Manger, No Candles


LUZERNE COUNTY, Pennsylvania — A menorah and statues in the nativity scene on the Luzerne County Courthouse lawn were removed Wednesday night after the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) threatened legal action. County officials opted not to spend time and money on a lawsuit – at least not at this time – because they are swamped with the budget crisis and other pressing matters, the Times Leader reports. The empty manger remains. FULL STORY (Photo: Pete G. Wilcox/TimesLeader.com)

One thought on “Empty Manger, No Candles

  1. What ever happened to freedom of religion!!! Why is it that we can have Santa Claus everywhere; shouldn’t these things be removed too?
    Whatever happened to this country we call “America”! People have traveled long distances to find freedom here and now we are losing our freedom, bit by bit.

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