Principal: ‘So what we do is celebrate winter’



“Happy Winter” just doesn’t have the same ring as Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah, but in one Connecticut elementary school, that’s about all you’ll see and hear this holiday season.

Erik Brown, principal of Walsh Elementary School in Waterbury, Conn., has reportedly banned all religious festivities and many decorations from the classroom since arriving at the school five years ago. Brown, who declined comment through a spokeswoman to on Friday, explained to The Republican-American newspaper that state law mandates that a public school cannot knowingly exclude children.

“This is not a church,” Brown told the paper. “It’s a school and it’s a public school. I have to do things that include every child. So what we do is celebrate winter.”

In a statement, Waterbury Public Schools Superintendent David Snead defended Brown, calling the issue of religious celebrations “especially difficult” in December and reminding all staff at the district’s schools that holidays festivities can proceed but without religious overtones…


One thought on “Principal: ‘So what we do is celebrate winter’

  1. Sadly, I fear that when my grandchildren (who SHOULD NOT be born for at least another ten years) are small, there will be no “Christmas” but rather a nice, tidy Winter Holiday. I believe that each religion or culture will continue to celebrate in their own way but that our amazingly materialistic world will use it as a retail extravaganza. Frankly, I think God might not care too much.
    He’s expecting us to celebrate the birth of Christ every day…not sure he’s all that excited about our version of this holiday anyway.

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