Lone complaint prompts courthouse Christmas tree removal

“That tree holds the cards that contain the wishes and needs of those less fortunate than we are and shame on those who want to take that away from those of us who wish to give …” – Petition from courthouse employees


The Orange County Register: Christmas tree removed from courthouse

SANTA ANA, Calif. – The removal of a Christmas tree from the Orange County Superior courthouse Monday has prompted a petition among court employees to have the tree – connected to a gift drive for poor children – put back.

The six-foot artificial tree, which was adorned with tags seeking toy donations to ‘Operation Santa Claus,’ was removed Monday after a member of the public complained about the tree being in the courthouse, court spokeswoman Gwen Vieau said.

“It’s a public building and we have to serve the diversity of our community,” she said.

The tree had been put up in the courthouse every holiday season for about 20 years, said Orange County Sheriff’s Special Officer Cynthia Guerrero, who runs the courthouse’s ‘Operation Santa Claus’ effort. She was ordered to take down the tree.

Members of the public would come and grab tags – which sought donations for specific children. Last year, the courthouse got 374 presents for the toy drive…


2 thoughts on “Lone complaint prompts courthouse Christmas tree removal

  1. I understand that the Xmas tree has returned thanks to the complaints of citizens. Good for them !! What ever lame brain, who must have very little to worry about in life, caused this fracas in the first place ought to be ashamed of himself. Better yet, why does’nt that person just leave the county? I’ll pay his bus fair.

    • Why is it that if one person or a small number of people that are offended will cause a Christmas tree to be taken down, but 99.9% of the people that say it offends them when it is taken down are ignored?

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