City bans 1-hour live Nativity scene planned for Christmas Eve

Connecticut town’s officials have axed a church’s plans for a staged event on adjacent public property


It’s become apparent that most reporters in the U.S. assume that religious expression on public property is automatically violating Constitutional law regarding separation between church and state. Without hesitation, journalists misreport conflicts without understanding that the law is about freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.

America’s founding fathers were concerned about the religious tyranny they encountered in Europe resurfacing in their new country. They did not want the establishment of religion by government. However they did not want to squelch the expression of faith.

Notice the inference in the second paragraph of the story below.

WBZ: Nativity Scene Rejected At Manchester Church

MANCHESTER, Conn. — It was Caroline Cheshire’s Christmas wish for her parish, a live nativity scene that would bring the Christmas story to life after services on Christmas Eve.

But she had no idea she was trampling on the separation between church and state with her idea.

She hoped locals in the town playing Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus, even a donkey she had already lined up, would make it a special evening for children at First Parish Church in Manchester.

“We didn’t mean to offend anyone. Families who come out of the church are the ones that choose to celebrate Christmas Eve in church,” Cheshire tells WBZ-TV.

Her idea was rejected by the board of selectmen in a matter of minutes, because the church sits on the town common…


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