Houston woman slaps city with lawsuit against opening prayer

This Week’s Top Scrooge feature has been in hiding for quite some time. I think it’s time to resurrect the dishoner at least one more time.
Kay Staley

This from local ABC news (KTRK-TV):

HOUSTON — There’s another battle brewing in the fight over the separation over church and state. A Houston woman says she believes the city council is violating the constitution by beginning their meetings with a prayer.

Plaintiff Kay Staley and her attorney, Randall Kallinen, have slapped the city of Houston with a federal lawsuit, arguing that the long held tradition of saying a prayer before city council meetings is unconstitutional.

“Just because it always has been doesn’t make it right,” said Staley. “There are lots of people who feel exactly the same way I do. Most people are afraid to come out and say anything because of their jobs or their friends.”


4 thoughts on “Houston woman slaps city with lawsuit against opening prayer

  1. This so called lawsuit by Kay Staley strengthens me. It makes me a stronger christian and it also motivates me to fight even harder to oppose those who are evil and those who are out to destroy our country. What she is doing offends me. However, it is not my place to judge this lady, so I will add her name to our prayer list.

  2. It appears that there is a force of power that blows in the wind. One individual is able to want something to happen or not to happen and steps are taken and it happens or not. Why has it become so taboo for the Lords Prayer or Praying at all in public become so offensive? Where have these people been and why is it so offensive to want to be safe, happy, healthy and loving. There has been trouble in this world every since public pray has been an issue. The first space shuttle blew up, school violence, general violence world wide, Oklahoma City Booming, war, economic collapse, 911, etc. I don’t think that those of us that believe in God should be forced into a way of life just because of a few that takes it offensive. There should be a counter suit against those that feel that life should revolve around and hand full of folks that have nothing better to do but object to anything that is good and right. This country was built on prayers of our elders and hard work.

  3. This tramples on our rights as Christians to be a part of our religion and practice it freely without interference from anyone. If the lady finds this offensive, she can leave the room momentarily or wait for the majority to finish the prayer. No one is forcing her to participate in the prayers. When I’ve been in the presence of other religions, I don’t interfere. I respect their right to worship and to say prayers before beginning meetings and other activities. We, the respectful patriots have been silent for a long time and tolerated this nonsense. We have rights just as much as they do. Our prayers to God give us courage to act morally and determined in the face of evil. In fact, I recall that when prayer was in school and a bit more morality followed….we did not see the rampant disrespect for others. -Just my two cents.

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