Letterman can’t get enough Palin

Sarah Palin has been out of the limelight for more than 9 months now, but late-night host David Letterman can’t seem to satiate his appetite for using her as comedic fodder.

Having had to fill a large hole left in his “creative” repertoire when President George W. Bush left office, Letterman’s hate for all-things-conservative now blossoms with any news sound byte about Palin. He salivates when anything, just anything breaking about the former Alaska governor can be used as monologue material … tired monologue material. After all, Letterman has a whole host of Palin haters in his New York studio audience that co-sign his Palin bashing with big chuckles and applause.

Why not keep dipping into the well? Eight years of “George Bush is dumb” as the premise for a huge chunk of Letterman’s nightly humor became so old for some us that it could only be labeled as a liberal mantra. Besides, Palin is so easy. It’s so easy to bash a woman of such chutzpah, such simplicity, and such wisdom … that’s right, wisdom!

What’s wrong with Palin? Everything in the eyes of liberals … barely anything in the eyes of most with conservative thought.

So, go ahead Letterman and gang, keep “joking” on Palin. We are not offended, just amazed at your lack of understanding about what’s truly dumb and laughable: your liberal arrogance.


Letterman has a brief moment of clarity in introducing his Top Ten List: Questions To Ask Yourself Before Spending $63,500 On Dinner with Sarah Palin

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3 thoughts on “Letterman can’t get enough Palin

  1. I will try to be as polite and fair as I can. I am a Democrat and I know that we won’t agree on much, but I think that you missed the big point.

    David Letterman has made Sarah Palin the butt of his jokes not because she’s a Republican, but because she had that level of fake outrage when he was making fun of her older, not younger, daughter who was pregnant. He tried to mend things the way he did with John McCain, but Sarah Palin tried to milk the conflict for all that she could.

    Sarah Palin was the one who turned this into a big feud, not Letterman. But he does have a show and an audience and he has decided to give it right back to her.

    Like him or hate him, Sarah Palin turned the feud into what it is. She could have made amends (like a Christian), but she chose to exploit. She’s getting everything that she asked for and more.

  2. Fake outrage? Sorry, I missed that “big point.”

    Palin had nothing to make amends for … and again, I missed the exploitation as well. Believe me, she is not staying awake at nights worried about what Letterman or others have to dish her.

  3. i think letterman is suffering from dementia. he repeats
    his hate of palin every night. he shoud see a shrink
    before its too late, and he looses it preferably on air

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