Tehachapi votes for prayer to stay

This is a great victory for religious liberty! Thank God, the word Jesus is not an “illegal word” and can still be uttered in public. – Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt


Tehachapi City Council votes 5-0 for opening prayers to stay

The Tehachapi City Council voted unanimously to not put limits on what religious leaders say during opening prayers for its meetings Monday.

Mayor Linda Vernon started the prayers before meetings in the city, which is east of Bakersfield, when she took office in January. However, the prayers were put on hold at the council’s last meeting, Sept. 8, because of the threat of a lawsuit from the Freedom From Religion Foundation… READ FULL STORY

One thought on “Tehachapi votes for prayer to stay

  1. This makes me really happy to see. It is an even bigger religious victor since it happened in southern California. I’m almost surprised that the ACLU wasn’t all over this. It is nice to see that there is still respect for Christianity. People need to remember that America is a Christian nation. Many of the founders were explicit and open about their faiths in Christ. I feel that, especially in California, people want religious freedom protected although that never seems to extend to Christianity.

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