Hindu radicals attack team of evangelical Christians

Gospel media team attacked in India’s Tamil Nadu state

TAMIL NADU, INDIA (ANS) — A Gospel media team was attacked by a group of Hindu radicals at Erode, a village in Tamil Nadu last Wednesday.

According to a news release on All India Christian Council’s (AICC) website, the team consisting of 10 members was badly harassed and then later taken forcibly to a temple nearby for further humiliation.

At the temple they were made to lie down in the hot sun and pay obeisance to the deity. AICC also reported that they were kicked all over their bodies for allegedly indulging in “conversion” activities in the area.

The Hindu radicals seized all the gospel literature from the team and set it on fire. The group also damaged their team vehicle, according to AICC.

A Christian who was passing by saw the incident and informed the police, according to the report. The police rushed to the spot and rescued them from further consequences. All the team members were provided first aid with the help of local doctors.

The website reported that the team members were then allowed to go. One of the team members had to be taken to hospital for treatment of injuries.

The team members have been working in this area for the last eight months.

The All India Christian Council has condemned the attack on the media team and sought action against the culprits.

By James Varghese, ASSIST News Service

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