CBS News Editors Appear to Support Marijuana Legalization

What happened to editorial judgment? Guest columnists have been around forever, but does that mean an editor has to publish every piece of garbage submitted?

CBS News online headline: “Make Marijuana Legal”

What other conclusion can be drawn from one of today’s CBS News online headlines? What other connection can we make from the opinion piece that leads with: “Marijuana should never have been made illegal in the first place.”

Should we just give the news giant a pass for publishing a column that advocates weed so strongly?

Now, I know it’s politically correct to include pro-pothead opinion in normal discourse. To openly talk about the legalization of the hippie lettuce is cool…and everything. Heck, what’s wrong with a little medicinal spleef? Right?

However, I’m asking the same question Stephen Baldwin and Kevin McCullough asked on their radio show, “Why has the legalization of weed resurfaced to such a magnitude?”

Could it be….LIBERALS in power?

I don’t like to name-call, even if we are simply talking about the weed people, but let’s call our Mary Jane for what it really is…I mean, like they said in the nearly half-century old commerical, “Why do you think they call it dope?”

Now, you CBS editors who see nothing wrong with partaking in the bud, where are your journalistic skills and integrity? Lost in a haze of smoke and scattered potato chips?

You could have made it look as though you were simply throwing a bone to the weed people, instead you gave them a fatty headline…btw, did you see your URL tab tag? “Make Marijuana Legal – CBS News.”

Sorry, too late, you’ve already shown your true color…something along the line of Kona Gold.


ADD: Perhaps I should have toned down my sensationalism in writing this piece yesterday. I’ve noticed today that ran an anti-weed piece by Stephen Baldwin and Kevin McCullough.

Common Sense Says, “No Thanks!”

However, the headline is not as clear and action orientated. (You weed people will get the “Sense” part). Nevertheless, to the CBS News editors credit…they ran the counterpoint piece! My apologies.

Here, here…for “America doesn’t want its pot… American potheads do!

4 thoughts on “CBS News Editors Appear to Support Marijuana Legalization

  1. Um…I don’t see the problem with supporting marijuana legalization. Are people not allowed to support legalization without being labeled as those who only want to get stoned? Seriously…why don’t you stop taking pot-shots at those who are trying to have an intelligent debate about marijuana policy, and join in educated discussion? Are you honestly that brain-washed that everyone who smokes weed becomes a brainless zombie? Fail. Do some research on it. Note that your savior, rush limbaugh, was addicted to ozycontin, which is synthetic heroin. Note that we have tried every method imaginable to fight the war on drugs, and we are still losing, terribly. I thought you conservatives were uniting against obama for wasteful government spending? Do you have any idea how wasteful the war on drugs is? It does nothing to curb drug use, illegal drugs are still widely available, yet we still keep cramming our prisons full of non-violent drug offenders and we spend about $100 billion a year on it, for nothing. If you knew anything about the black market of drugs, you would know that $100 billion isn’t doing jack shit. What would you suggest, we spend even more? Should we just start dropping trillions of dollars to throw all illicit drug users in prison? Yes, that would take care of the demand for drugs, and the cartels would be out of business, but it would cost taxpayers $11 trillion to build the new orusions necessary and to keep all the drug users incarcerated. Seriously. That is the only strategy we haven’t tried, is locking up 20 million more “criminals”. You’re making the republican party look even more stupid by thinking that continuing the drug war is a good idea and worth the tax dollars. Thanks for reaffirming my decision to vote democrat or independent come 2012.

  2. Just because alcohol is legal doesn’t mean we should legalize pot. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    This “we are losing the war on drugs” drumbeat comes from people simpy wanting to co-sign their approval of drug use with all those wanting such approval.

    Note: Rush Limbaugh is NOT my savior.

  3. Note: I am not for the criminalization of alcohol…I simply meant that just because this drug (alcohol) is legal doesn’t give the green light for other intoxicants.

  4. Sooo….that would mean your all for our government telling us what we can and cant put into our own bodies. That train of thought leads to “the government owns us” and last time I looked we were supposed to be the land of the free. People like you need to get you ethics, morals (and many times religious zeal) out of science based fact and do your research as it truly shows your competence level.

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