National Day of Prayer: Words and Images

Headlines, stories, quotes, and photos from around the nation

Obama Sits Out National Day of Prayer as Millions Pray for Him

CAPITOL HILL ( — A caucus room in a House of Representatives office buidling was transformed into a place of worship on Thursday, as people in the nation’s capital joined with millions of others Americans across the country to celebrate the National Day of Prayer.

Members of Congress, religious and military leaders, and ordinary citizens prayed for the nation and for those who lead it, including President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden – neither of whom made any public appearance or speech to mark the occasion.

Obama issued a proclamation marking the day on Thursday afternoon, which is required by federal law…
Man prays in Detroit
“It comforts me to no end to know that it isn’t any human being, it is the Lord that has the government on his shoulder,” Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-Minn.) said. “All things are possible. He is our true hope. He is the light of the world and in these uncertain times, it is a comfort when Scripture tells us, ‘I am God.’” full story

A time for hope: National Day of Prayer marked at Michigan Capitol

Praying on Capitol steps

( — Congregations from 45 Lansing-area churches gathered in front of the Capitol on Thursday to participate in the National Day of Prayer.

“People need hope,” said Stephanie Butler, Lansing Partnerships coordinator for Trinity Church and event organizer. “God is real. He is here and he is listening. We believe that as we come together to pray, God will heal our troubles.” full story

Dobson regrets Obama’s snub of prayer ceremonies

(AP) — After attending the Capitol observance, Focus on the Family founder Dr. James Dobson said that since Obama welcomes athletic champions to the White House, it would seem appropriate to give more recognition to prayer as past presidents have done.

“We will not be disrespectful of him because of the office — and we do pray for him,” Dobson stated. “But I do regret his lack of emphasis on the foundation of prayer, on which this country was based.”
full story

Where’s the National Prayer Day?
Bainbridge National Day of Prayer

BAINBRIDGE, Georgia ( — First, President Barrack Obama abandoned the traditional National Prayer Day observance at the White House, then local ladies found the same situation in Bainbridge…

This year, instead of church leaders offering prayers and mobilizing the community on National Prayer Day, only a small group of about a dozen women arrived at Willis Park, but found no one else there.

For many years, clergy and the community have gathered in Willis Park on the first Thursday of May, at noon, for the observance.

The ladies did not turn and leave, however. They gathered together and offered thanks for the freedom to pray in public and to repent the nation’s sins… full story

WH Release: President signs Prayer Day Proclamation

obama prayer proclamation

…Let us also use this day to come together in a moment of peace and goodwill. Our world grows smaller by the day, and our varied beliefs can bring us together to feed the hungry and comfort the afflicted; to make peace where there is strife; and to lift up those who have fallen on hard times. As we observe this day of prayer, we remember the one law that binds all great religions together: the Golden Rule, and its call to love one another; to understand one another; and to treat with dignity and respect those with whom we share a brief moment on this Earth… full proclamation


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