Someone Who Believes That Nothing Made Everything

Richard Dawkins billboard
The Scrooge Report has reported on the Freedom From Religion Foundation group in several stories before.

Now, Ray Comfort is taking a wack at them by launching a new billboard campaign.

Ray Comfort's billboard campaign

Comfort, author of You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, But You Can’t Make Him Think, writes in his Atheist Central blog:

The first billboard is up. (photo at right) Thanks to Freedom From Relgion Inc. for their inspiration, many more will be going up around the country. This one is on the 105 freeway in Los Angeles, and will be seen by nearly one million cars each week.

The FFRF billboard and bus sign campaign includes several sayings of famous atheists like the one seen at the top of this post.

Thank you Ray Comfort for your courage and efforts!

I’m all for giving an atheist a hug, but when their group’s agenda includes attempts at mass indoctrination, watch out!

11 thoughts on “Someone Who Believes That Nothing Made Everything

  1. And the battles continue. It’s amazing that this is allowed, but think it’s great. Here we have had the Ten Commandments removed from a park, and a great fight over having a cross that has been up on what’s called Table Rock in the foothills for years. Atheists have pretty much been getting their way, but the cross still remains! Thanks for passing on all that you do here.

  2. “I’m all for giving an atheist a hug, but when their group’s agenda includes attempts at mass indoctrination, watch out!”

    as opposed to christians trying to indoctrinate everyone into their beliefs?

  3. @ophalm…

    Which is basically letting everyone know that Jesus died for your sins, he arose, and you can find salvation and peace in Him.

    If the basic message is salvation, you can see why some might become zealous and even “indoctrinate.”

    Conversely, be warned of the un-saving message of not believing in God!

  4. “If the basic message is salvation, you can see why some might become zealous and even “indoctrinate.””

    I only hope you realise that atheists believe the same as what you do, but vice versa..

  5. My only concern is that this doesn’t spread the Gospel — it exchanges pithy billboard sayings with atheists. On the (unlikely) assumption that anyone suddenly decided to reject atheism because of this billboard … what next? Why not turn Muslim? Scientologist? Hindu? Shamanist? Satanist? Why not build an altar to Zeus? Ba’al?

    It looks good, and there’s a part of me that likes the “Take that!” feel of it.

    On the other hand, I look at the facts that faith is not an intellectual exercise, and that at no time does the Bible argue for the mere existence of God, and wonder if this is really on the mark, or if it just feels good to be getting back at the atheists.

    Christianity can’t be reduced to billboard slogans or bumper stickers. I’m inclined to think that it’s a mistake to try.

  6. @wickle…

    Great points! However, as I’ve often said, God’s church (the way He moves) is bigger and works in more ways than we can understand. For every saved Christian there is a testimony, and despite some similarities with some people, there’s millions of unique stories, usually fascinating and pointing to His grace.

    So, although Comfort is a lot salty, and although it does feel like an “in your face” moment, when dealing out the truth I would be wary of completely shunning something like this.

  7. I personally feel the billboard is a strawman. I don’t think you can reduce the “beliefs” of an atheist to “someone who believes that nothing made everything”

    atheists don’t really “believe” in anything, atheism is about not have a belief
    they also don’t believe that nothing made everything. both the word “nothing” and “made” in that phrase are terms simplified down so far they have lost their true meaning.

    plus, who is this meant to convince?

    also the dawkins pictures with his statement about the OT God? dawkins has a very strong point there, I don’t know why christians would go around flaunting it, apart from to make dogmatic christians dislike dawkins even more. but to someone who was doubting, I think that when they were presented with that statement, they might go look for themselves and find out that while the OT god looks after the hebrews, it’s pretty much a case of “screw everyone else”

  8. whoops I didn’t realise that the place made those pictures as a as an anti-faith statement, I thought some christians were trying to point out what dawkins said… sorry

  9. Just to clarify … I don’t object to what Comfort is doing, I just have my concern. It’s the same concern I have anytime anyone tries making a new catchy little slogan.

    It doesn’t make it bad, it just means that I’m not sure about it. But since no one really asked my permission to put up billboards, it’s not like Comfort needs my vote.

    I stand by my concern, but if they’ve considered that and rejected the concern, then who am I to say he’s wrong? I just don’t get it.

  10. @ophalm, atheism is the absence of the belief of God, not the absence of the “belief” in belief, I believe that would be a contradicting statement.

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