Why is Christmas such a big deal?

Bloggers doing a study on ‘The Purpose of Christmas’

Yeah, I mean really, why is Christmas such a big deal? Want find out the reason together?

I’m asking bloggers and whoever else to join me in a 3-week study on the purpose of Christmas. This will not be a big time consuming deal. It’s basic. My suggestion is to start by getting Rick Warren’s book, The Purpose of Christmas, then listen this coming Saturday’s (Dec. 6, 2008) opening message on the study by Saddleback Church’s Pastor Rick.

You’ll be able to view and listen online (live or archived) to his first message on the purpose of Christmas here!

Let’s do this! Let’s meet back here or at my other blog on Tuesday, Dec. 9th to discuss Rick’s opening message about the purpose of Christmas. Be sure to read that first chapter, “The Purpose of Christmas,” by then, too.

Let’s have our own 3-week study right here!

Be sure to pick up a copy of The Purpose of Christmas now!

I’d love to see you back here!

P.S. The books can be purchased at Costco as well!


If you stop to think about it… (back cover)

VIDEO: Hannity and Colmes: Warren on Christmas

VIDEO: Cavuto: Warren’s Christmas Priority Adjustment

WEEK ONE: Why Celebrate Christmas?



One thought on “Why is Christmas such a big deal?

  1. For corporate America to make more money and people to spend money on stupid [expletive]. Oh and to annoy the hell out of me with there whining.

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