Virginia Police Chaplains Resign Over No Jesus Policy

Five chaplains lose jobs for praying ‘in Jesus’ name’. Former Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt urges Virginia Governor Tim Kaine to stop persecuting Christians.

September 25,2008


RICHMOND, Virginia – Chaplains remain under fire when praying “in Jesus’ name” as evidenced recently by the sudden resignation of five Virginia State Police Chaplains.

Police Superintendent Col. W. Steven Flaherty reportedly created then enforced a strict “non-sectarian” prayer policy at all public gatherings, censoring and excluding Christian prayers. Flaherty then accepted the resignation of five chaplains who refused to deny Jesus or violate their conscience by watering down their prayers, according to a press release issued by former Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt.

Klingenschmitt was also fired in 2007 for praying “in Jesus name” in uniform. He said Virginia Governor Tim Kaine is defending his administration for forcing the sudden resignation of the Virginia State Police Chaplains.

“Governor Kaine campaigned like a Christian to get our votes. But now, instead of governing like a Christian, or respecting his own chaplains’ First Amendment rights, his administration forced the resignation of five police chaplains, simply because they prayed publicly ‘in Jesus’ name,'” Klingenschmitt said. “These five chaplains lost their jobs for honoring Christ.

“They’re heroes of the faith, because they refused to deny Jesus when ordered to by the Kaine administration.”

House Republican Leader Morgan Griffith and Delegate Charles W. Carrico, (R-Grayson) both issued public statements defending the chaplains, questioning Governor Kaine’s role in terminating the chaplains, and vowing to introduce legislation protecting police chaplains’ right to pray according to their own conscience.

The chaplains’ resignations have set off political finger pointing. Klingenschmitt states in his news release: “Defending Flaherty’s persecution of Christian Chaplains, Governor Kaine pretended he himself was being persecuted, saying through his spokesman: ‘It is disappointing that Del. Griffith would make such a political attack on Gov. Kaine about his faith.'”

Klingenschmitt adds: “And now Governor Kaine pretends he’s the martyr, because we question why his administration forced them to resign for praying to Jesus? He’s still got a job, they don’t. Governor Kaine isn’t the martyr, he’s the persecutor.”

Klingenschmitt urges calls to Governor Kaine’s office at 804-786-2211, to insist the chaplains be reinstated and the policy reversed. The governor can also be emailed through his web-site:

More information on Klingenschmitt’s chaplain advocacy group can be found at

Chaplain Klingenschmitt is available for interviews at 719-360-5132 cell or

News release can be found at ChristianNewsWire.

3 thoughts on “Virginia Police Chaplains Resign Over No Jesus Policy

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  2. So in other words, the argument is that Christian chaplains can’t keep from invoking Jesus when performing their tax payer paid duties? Fine, then I guess either the State Police should do away with having chaplains altogether or be forced to hire non-Christian ones.

    If one’s conscience prevents them from performing the duties of their job, then clearly they must resign from their job. That would be true for anyone, in any job. If you can’t or won’t do your job, you lose it. That’s the way things work, so for them to claim they’re being persecuted is quite ridiculous.

  3. I have been a Fire Chaplain and a Chaplain for the local Metro EMS service. As s Fire Chaplain, I have never had any problems praying in Jesus Name. However, when it comes to the Metro EMS service, I was asked not to mention the name of Jesus in my prayer. Due to my own convictions, this was something that I can not and will not do. The Bible is very clear about us praying upon the name of Jesus. The Service to which I was asked to pray in, I will be represented as a Fire Chaplain and not an Chaplain for Metro EMS. I asked that my name be removed as EMS Chaplain from the program.
    I can not and will not give in to political correctness just to be able to pray as an EMS Chaplain.

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