DailyGut: Who Hates Sarah Palin?

To them, hating Sarah Palin is a symptom of larger bigotry against the rest of us, the normal. If they saw her at a party, they would wonder how she got in. She’s the anti-Obama, the anti-New York Times, the anti-everything that Tim Robbins loves… – Greg Gutfeld

Sarah Palin in Miss Wasilla times

There was a time when talk of Hitler, even in satire, was pretty much off limits because of the incendiary nature of the topic. Now we throw the name around as some kind of evil stick to hit back at people. Nevertheless, this piece by Greg Gutfeld seems to work in terms of giving a “touche” to liberals on the Sarah Palin warpath.

According to many in the media, we truly have discovered someone worse than Hitler — and it’s Sarah Palin. Head to any left-wing blog or even CNN for that matter and you’ll find the zaniest of conspiracies — froth that even a dude with rabies would find unseemly.

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Photo: 1984 photo of Sarah Palin during Miss Wasilla reign

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