Escalating Terror in India’s Orissa

Hindu extremists, some wielding machetes, have been on the rampage in the north-eastern state since the murder of Hindu leader Swami Lakshmananda Saraswati and four of his associates last month.

The Christian Post reports that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, has added his voice to calls for an immediate end to the violence being waged against Christians in India’s Orissa state.

Christian homes, orphanages and churches have been burned down, while 16 people have been killed. In one of the worst incidents, a young woman was burned alive when she tried to protect children from an attack on their Christian orphanage.

Read full story in the Christian Post

Persecution unabated

The following is an excerpt from the statement issued at a press conference held Thursday by Dr John Dayal, Secretary General, All India Christian Council, and Dr. Sam Paul, National Secretary for Public Affairs on the situation in Orissa:

The toll is morbid and should shake the conscience of the Indian government, its people and the world at large. Over 50,000 Christians, including children in Kandhamal have been hiding in forests for close to two weeks. Over 4,000 houses have been burned and 300 villages entirely destroyed. A Nun has been gang- raped, a Hindu burnt alive in a Christian orphanage, over 60 Churches and institutions destroyed, many for the second time [107 churches were at the brunt of this violence n December 2007]. We do not know the exact death toll but we have confirmed two pastors among 25 persons whose bodies have been recovered so far. Violence has spread to many districts of Orissa, and to Madhya Pradesh.

To read the entire statement go to ASSIST News Service.

One thought on “Escalating Terror in India’s Orissa

  1. Here is the response to the news and the Article.
    1. christians are getting brutally targetted and attacked in Orrissa.
    >> The picture is BIASED and presented in more UGLY way. Indians have never attacked anybody till now. The tollarance shown in India is tremendous. You must imagine the UNREST Created CHRISTIAN movement in that section by looking at reaction.

    2. Government of India is failing to protect to minorities.
    >> This is completely missguiding statement. All Minorities in India are safest as compared to any other country in the world. Most representation to Minorities, Ladies is provided in India. Minories form the 35% Indian population. Special packages are there for the Minorities in India. Which other coutry has these preevilages in all over the world?

    3. Hindus are attacking Christians.
    WRONG!!. It is the local forest tribes who are fighting each other. One is Major cristian and another is the Scheduled cast.
    If you dont agaree in normal circumstances that forest dwelling tribes are NOT HINDUS why do you say that Hindus are attacking Christians?

    4. Missionaries are fighting spiritual battle.
    >>Christian movement is silently going from years on basis of external monitory support. It is kind of social attack on the minority Indian reiligions (Hindu Budh Cristian, Virshaiva, Sikh, Parsi) supported by MAJORITY cristians. Yes It is INVASION. If foreign funding stops for the Missionary work, How many organisations will do the same work they are doing?
    SO DO NOT FEEL THAT THIS is a WAR where missionaries are struggling and undergoing pain for God.
    This is One of the way to God as per cristian opinion and Missionaries are ONLY trying to put their point.
    Please do not worry about India Cristian brother. All Hindus in India are with them, unless foreign Missionaries are not Poking Nose in the Indian religios culture.

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