Saudi Arabia: Don’t Be Walking the Dog!

This from Answers for the Faith blog:

Here’s another one of those fascinating stories that seem almost surreal to most Westerners – stories that can’t possibly be true! Saudi Arabia has given us a lot of them lately.

Like the American lady executive who was arrested and went to jail for being at ‘Starbucks’ with a business associate – or the Saudi woman who was raped and sentenced to prison for being in the company of strange men — or making Valentine’s Day and red flowers illegal, or worse yet – the Saudi religious leader who said it was ok for 1 year old baby girls to marry. You just can’t make up stories like this and have any credibility.

Yet, here it is – the Saudi religious police have actually outlawed selling dogs and cats and even walking them in public—because they say that men make passes at woman in the process. LOL – and some people think we live in a ‘nanny state? See what you’re missing without sharia!

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