Obama dodges question on when life begins

Finally, some meat for Barack Obama’s opposition to chew on. As I’ve said before, all the shallow name calling and innuendo about Obama would only hurt McCain supporters. Now, Obama’s pro legal abortion stance thinly veiled recently by saying he “wants to reduce abortions” will boost McCainites.

The moderator of Saturday night’s presidential forum on faith — Pastor Rick Warren — says Barack Obama failed to adequately address the question of when life begins.

John McCain, Rick Warren, and Barack Obama at Saddleback Church

John McCain, Rick Warren, and Barack Obama at Saddleback Church

This from OneNewsNow.com:

Warren went on to suggest Obama’s non-answer will not sit well with many Christians. As Warren puts it: “If an evangelical really believes that the Bible is literal — in other word[s], in Psalm 139 God says ‘I formed you in your mother’s womb and before you were born I planned every day of your life’ — if they believe that’s literally true, then they can’t just walk away from that. They can add other issues, but they can’t walk away from the belief that at conception God planned that child, and to abort it would be to short circuit the purpose.”

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From CNN:

Obama said that although he’s pro-choice and supports Roe v. Wade, his goal is to reduce the number of abortions in America.

“On this particular issue, if you believe that life begins at conception … and you are consistent, then I can’t argue with you on that,” he said. “What I can do is say, are there ways we can work together to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies?”

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3 thoughts on “Obama dodges question on when life begins

  1. Obama has now proven beyond a shadow of a doubt just how much of a spineless weasel of a politician he actually is. He says it’s up to someone higher up on the payscale to determine the answer to that question? He wants to be the most powerful man on the planet and yet he claims he’s not qualified to answer that question? Hey, Obama…grow a set and take a stand. Be a man. You freakin’ coward.

  2. Let me think here – something that I realize is not required – “any human being standing” should determine when life begins. That means all one old year babies should decide? Two year olds? And three year olds — you get the picture (maybe). Or maybe you’d want the pleasant name calling person (comment #2.) to decide such obvious (sarcasm you understand?) and mundane issues as “when life begins?”!? I’ll take a one year old over him.

    Thank God Obama can see beyond the simplistic and stupid and tries to understand and explain more complex and difficult issues. We’ve had almost 8 years of “stupid” — we can’t afford four more with McCain — graduating 894 out of 899 back during the last disastrous war time that he still hasn’t figured out that we lost.

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