Not Easy Putting Rick Warren in ‘TIME’ Box

Pastor Rick Warren is featured in TIME magazine’s cover story this month. As writer David Van Biema found out, it’s not easy defining the author of the world’s number one selling book and the PEACE plan.

Warren hosts Barack Obama and John McCain at his Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif., Saturday. He will be conducting televised, separate one-hour interviews with each presidential candidate.

I attended Saddleback Church for five years before moving. Warren and Saddleback Church are like a well-oiled machine, often misunderstood and sometimes even spurned by other Christians. However, what I know is that God’s church works in more and bigger ways than we can even understand…it’s best some of these other Christians learn they are barking up the wrong tree.

This from Biema’s closing words:

An argument can be made that Warren’s career has always been a California freeway, navigated at full speed with panache. But there is bound to come a moment when even a man with a racing brain can’t keep up with all his options and must define himself more closely in order to do things right. Inevitably, that point will follow a great new opportunity, like the presidential forum and the possibilities it embodies.

I highly recommend reading this article, but be forewarned, it is written with an ever-so slight eye toward expectant failure. My hunch is that the writer isn’t aware that this is more about God’s movements than Warren’s.

Read Full Story/TIME

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