Heath Ledger: Oscar Worthy or a Call for Sobriety?

You really can’t take an “accidental mix of prescription drugs” unless you accidentally forgot that you took them all!

I don’t agree with the writer of a recent Los Angeles Times piece that basically says an academy award should not go to any actor that commits suicide through drugs or alcohol.

So, Ledger may have been a pill head. I haven’t seen Dark Knight, but the clips alone show a fine performance…maybe even worthy of an academy award.

What I do agree with is that it’s best we don’t glorify alcohol and drugs. The damage to society is larger than we can comprehend.

Eric P. Lucas writes:

It’s time to stop the canonization of Heath Ledger. He’s not a tragic hero. He’s not a beautiful martyr. He’s just a pretty good actor who did away with himself and broke the hearts of his family and friends, and he shouldn’t get an Academy Award to memorialize his death.

Ledger’s brief career culminated in his portrayal of the Joker in ” The Dark Knight,” a role that at first seems compelling (“mesmerizing,” critics have fawned) but ultimately devolves into a can-can dance of snuffling pseudo-psychopathia. It has all the subtlety of a hangover — exactly what I’d expect from someone who headed home every night to a pill party. Still, “The Dark Knight” has soared to unprecedented success, and Ledger’s name is mentioned incessantly for an Oscar.

Interesting observation…

People of every walk of life die from drugs and alcohol, but only a celebrity’s death gets so heated in a devil’s crucible of public sentiment that it is transformed into posthumous glory. And such adulation begets a mass social hysteria that continues the cycle.

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5 thoughts on “Heath Ledger: Oscar Worthy or a Call for Sobriety?

  1. I am so sick and tired of all these morons getting their crappy opinions published. Their pathetic speculation about what Heath was all about. Think about it you morons – you actually know nothing, how dare you pass coment like you are above all of us. like some godly wise figure of society! You talk like there is no way people can do things accidently, that everyone knows exactly what the ramifications of their actions will always be. Well I am sorry that we are not all damned perfect like you. I suppose you are the perfect picture of health and life style, god like in appearance and someone all of us wishes we were!!! Shut your damned mouth, no one cares to hear your pathetic speculations.

  2. Pill party? Where do you clowns get your info anyway? There were five drugs found at the apartment where he died. They were prescribed drugs for anxiety, insomnia, depression, pain, and cold. Yeah! The guy was a real party animal huh? Jesus! Just because he was handsome and played a gay cowboy? Just because he died of an accidental overdose? What gives you assholes the right to crucify the poor guy? Leave him alone already! Heath gave us the wildest performance of the year in the most talked about film by far in a long,long time! So get off your high horses already before you lose more readers with your asinine observations which are,by the way, totally unfounded!

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