Presidential Candidates: It’s the Christians Stupid!

Author Mark Joseph wrote an excellent piece regarding Christian voters and this year’s presidential election.

Not only does he do a good job of differentiating the different types of Christians, he is able to give the candidates a heads up on what they need to do to win their votes…and which voters they will never reach.

Here’s the lead in Joseph’s article, Memo to Barack Obama: It’s the Christians Stupid

In 1980 Ronald Reagan changed the foundations of presidential politics when he went before an Evangelical group and, referencing the fact that preachers weren’t supposed to endorse politicians, famously declared: “You can’t embrace me, but I embrace you.”

They loved it and voted for him in record numbers. Before 1980, many Evangelicals and conservative Catholics either stayed home or voted Democratic, but Reagan changed everything. Since then, only one Democrat, Bill Clinton, has won the White House, and he did it by winning substantial numbers of these voters. And you have a chance to do the same this year.

At the end of the memo to Obama you will find a link to the memo to John McCain.

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