The First Educated Opposition to Obama

Superstar Barack Obama’s Achilles’ heel is about to be exposed. Bombarded with meaningless chatter about non-issues, such as his name or what his wife did or did not say, the presidential candidate must now face the music – his pro-abortion stance.



The most educated, most intelligent, and the least prejudicial or biased opposition to Barack Obama comes from members of Survivors and the Christian Defense Coalition. Others sending emails with strange photos of his grandmother, what her name is and what his name is, who his associations were and are, what his wife may or may not have meant about what she said are signs of weakness from the “right!” Those attacks have been pure nonsense and in fact, in many cases false!

Enter common sense and reason.

This from the Christian Newswire:

LOS ANGELES – Members of the Survivors will join with the Christian Defense Coalition as they launch a national public campaign educating voters on Senator Obama’s radical support of abortion.

The protest will be on Tuesday, June 24, at 4:00 P.M., at the Music Center located at 135 Grand Ave. in downtown Los Angeles.

This event will kick-off a nationwide campaign called “Barack Obama: The Abortion President” in which there will be major demonstrations at appearances by Senator Obama drawing attention to his pro-abortion views.

If elected, Senator Obama would be the most pro-abortion in American history.

Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Washington, D.C. based Christian Defense Coalition, “We are delighted to have members of this emerging generation join with us in exposing the radical pro-abortion views of Senator Obama. Senator Obama supports abortion on demand, Partial-Birth Abortion, wants Americans to pay for abortion through his healthcare plan and expand abortion rights through the Freedom of Choice Act.

“We intend to make Senator Obama’s extremist pro-abortion policies a major part of the presidential campaign as we call for him to end his violence against America’s children. We will especially focus on educating conservative Catholics and young evangelicals concerning Senator Obama’s radical abortion policies and calling for him to build a culture of life and stand for social justice.”

Danielle White Versluys, National Special Events Director for Survivors, states, “As a mother to small children, I want to believe in Senator Obama’s call for change, hope, and a better America. As a young woman, I want to believe Senator Obama has my interests at heart. However, Senator Obama continues to embrace abortion on demand – extreme policies that result in the deaths of thousands of my daughters’ peers every day from abortion. We will never have a better America as long as the most helpless of our citizens are denied basic rights inside the womb.”

Miriam Soto of Young Chicanos for Life says, “One reason Latinos don’t support Senator Obama is because of his radical views on the issue of abortion. Being a young Chicano mother, I refuse to show support to a candidate who promotes abortion up to the day of birth and who thinks a baby is a punishment instead of a precious gift.”

Contact: Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Christian Defense Coalition, 540-538-4741; Danielle White Versluys, Survivors, 909-213-5339


ADD: Obama is our president now, and with still less than 100 days in office, offensive and uneducated statements about him still swirl around the web like a hurricane.

Today, I read an outstanding piece in ChristianityToday. While acknowledging “the important policy differences between Obama and the majority of evangelicals” there is not only something to respect about the significance of a black president, there is an action step for Christians to take. Read “A Dream That Won’t Die – The meaning of the election; the work yet to be done.”

ADD: Read “U.S. Senator Says He Would Practice Civil Disobedience If Obama Repeals Abortion ‘Conscience Clause‘”

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), who is also an OB/GYN, told on Friday (Feb. 27, 2009) that many medical practitioners, including himself, will go to prison before agreeing to engage in medical practices they morally oppose, such as abortion.

ADD: American Family Association — Obama seeks to take away religious rights of doctors and health care providers who refuse to perform abortions. Urgent: send your e-mail to the White House today!

ADD: The Red Envelope Project – “Send a message to Barack Obama that there is moral outrage in this country over this issue. It will be quiet, but clear.”

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9 thoughts on “The First Educated Opposition to Obama

  1. The only thing I need to know about Obama is the hip bone is connected to the leg bone and play connect the dots in both directions. Obama’s mentor in Illinois Government is Emile Jones. Emile Jones is connected (in fact he is our Governors right arm when mafia type muscle work needs to done to push legislation for the Gov.) Governor Rod Blagojevitch who is connected to the Rezko Trial and Chicago mayor Richard Daly, who is also connected to Rezko. Obama is connected to Rezko through land dealings. Obama is connected to Daly through his rise in Chicago Politcs. You do not get anywhere in Chicago politics unless you are willing to kiss Mayor Dalys hands. You do not get elected to the Senate representing Illinois in this state unless you can get the Chicago vote. Mayor Daly has plenty of tombstones that vote how he tells them. All the skeletal bones connect, the lines just have to be drawn.

  2. We look forward to your protest, but as you already know abortion has been legal since Rowe vs. Wade, so why are you trying to overturn something that will NEVER be changed back to the caveman days? Secondly, you can try to connect the dots all you want on Obama, but why don’t you go find skeletons in someone else’s closet? Where you should be looking is in the McBush files where millions of lives have been ruined due to backward policies and shady dealings. I want to make it very clear, that you CANNOT stop the MILLIONS of voices calling for CHANGE…

  3. Brave New Nation the only change Obama offers is a politician steeped in Chicago crooked politics. The only thing he has to offer is empty words that have been repeated by every shyster looking to get elected since the two party system became rooted in our culture. If you are looking to elect a liar, a cheat and a crook you found your man. He is part of the same Democrat System that has this State near bankruptcy. That is the same Democrat system that has been in control of Illinois as long as I have been alive. But the last decade they have run off business, run off doctors as they are over a year behind in Medicaid payments, pandered to illegal aliens and fed what little money this state has in to the city of Chicago. So if you are looking to bankrupt the country like the state of Illinois is going bankrupt, Obama has that know how.

  4. BTW…I am against abortion…as if my post did not make that clear. I am still waiting to see how much a potential Obama presidency may or may not affect the issue of abortion.

    My beef was that much of the “right” was going about attacking Obama in a wrongful way…now, these Christian groups I mention in the post have a legitimate attack on Obama’s viewpoint and voiting record on this issue.

  5. Personally, I hope I don’t even have to think about that choice. However, I don’t think its my place to tell anyone else what they can or cannot do with their bodies. Nor do I think it’s my place to concern myself with what other people are doing with their own bodies in the first place. Its fine to not agree with it, but legislating against it goes directly against what this country was founded on. You’re infringing on the rights of others. Protest, educate, don’t participate, but its not right to straight up outlaw it.

    What this election is going to come down to is which candidate I think can bring this country together and start making progress. Unfortunately, even though I don’t think Obama is a very strong candidate I think McCain is even weaker. And I do think that Alexander brings up a very good point, the clamor about Obama has been so superficial, we haven been able to hear anything about the -real- issues of this election. This whole process is tiring, and is getting to be on the level of a high school student council election. “He’s Muslim!” “But he said ‘X’ about his wife!” I don’t care, I really don’t. I want to hear about real issues, I want to know where our candidates stand on science development in our country, what they’re going to do to fix our economic situation, how their policies are going to effect education and health care. I want to know how we’re going to strengthen our relationships with our allies across the pond and I want to know what our trade policies are going to look like. I want to know what they’re going to do about fixing OUR homeless, and hunger problems. I’m tired of our resources being sent abroad, I want a president who is more interested in what is going on in his OWN country. I’m tired of seeing my national guard in Iraq, I’m tired of no real progress being made. I’m tired of policing the world; that’s what the UN was made for, its time to make them actually DO something. I’m tired of hearing about our energy crisis and no one doing anything about it. I’ve been told for the past 20 years how we need to ween ourself off of our dependence on oil and only NOW we’re doing anything about it? What we need is a visionary, someone who’s willing to take this country by the helm and steer us back to actually being one of the greatest countries in the world because right now we just look like a bunch of assholes running around with our heads cut off. I don’t think we have a current presidential candidate with the ability to take on that task.

  6. @Ashfish…thank you for the compliment! I am entering dangerous territory when I point out that the right has not been opposing Obama in a wise way. It’s a turnoff to consider yourself a conservative, and see your fellow conservatives make foolish statements.

    Just to share, since I voiced my opinion to one friend by email…his emails about Obama are about real issues and he is now coming at it in a very intelligent way. So far he has elevated the discussion to the issues of abortion and the differences between a pacifist stance versus a hawkish stance.

    Good stuff!

  7. Obama is not just pro-abortion and partial birth abortion he is also for allowing babies born from a botched abortion to be placed in rooms until they die. The following link has an article discussing Obama’s reasoning for opposing Born Alive Infant Protection Act.
    Obama on BAIPA — Link.

  8. Im getting so tired about hear about ether OBAMA of his so called CHANGE i dont want his change becuase its going to be more bigger and more intrusive goverment and more illegal aliens

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