If Mary Did It, So Can You!

What is amazing about Mary is that she lived a godly life in a godless place, and she did so as a very young teenager. Commentators believe she may have been as young as 12, but not much older than 14. – Greg Laurie

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2 thoughts on “If Mary Did It, So Can You!

  1. « Hello world!The Miraculous Medal
    HI! I have a deep devotion to the Blessed Mother. I was given a Miraculous Medal 30 years ago. For years I would give it to anyone who got sick, but would ask for it back when they got better! I did this for 17 years until one day, while in church, I found a booklet all about the medal. In the booklet were testimonies from people who have worn the medal, and in fact, it read that anyone who wears it were to receive great things. I rushed home (because I didn’t know I had a Miraculous Medal) and compared it to the one on the booklet. I was amazed that for 17 years, giving the medal out to sick people was just the thing to do. I immediately called the Association of the Miraculous Medal in Missouri and order 100 of them. To this date, 5/22/2008, I must have given out hundreds of them. But about 4 years ago, while talking to a new friend about Mary, I showed her my medal. She said “look it turned gold”! I didn’t believe her. So I looked at it real close and believe me, the medal did turn gold over the years. I have so many wonderful stories about Mary, but if anyone out there can tell me “What does it mean”? This medal was given to me by an older woman 30 years ago. It came from a mission and was in a box with a letter and was taped with scotch tape. It was just a piece of tin. And also – my medal does not have the 1830 date at the bottom? What does that mean? I would be very very happy if someone would get back to me. I have often thought of bringing it to a lab to have it inspected. Let me know what you think! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for your comment angela! I just wanted to let you know that I do not put my trust in an object. Please do not take this offensively…you may very well be on to something, but we must first look to God, whom I call through Jesus Christ!

    Any blessing after that is from Him!

    Again, thanks!

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