Photojournalists Capture Distorted Bush

In my lifetime I have never seen a U.S. president more ridiculed…or even more hated. Bush-bashing has become a full-time occupation for some. Take Reuters, for example. The photos on this page come from just one day…all from the liberal-slanted news service. These web-published photos of President George W. Bush capture him when his face is most distorted by expression.

Imagine, if you will, that you are a photographer with Reuters. The news service is decidedly anti-U.S. on most occasions. Give me three story headlines about the U.S. from Reuters and three from Associated Press and I will tell you 99.9 percent of the time, which ones are from Reuters. It’s easy. The Reuters headlines (and stories) have a negative U.S. slant…oh, I’d say… 99.9 percent of the time.

Getting back to being a photag for Reuters. So, your assignment is to shoot Bush. With a Reuters mindset, guess which shot of Bush you are looking for. Yes, that’s right, the photo that makes him appear the most foolish.

Do you have any doubts? Take a look at these photos again…I’ve seen the likes of these not just today, but for as long as Bush has been president.

For Bush-bashing photographers, the “money shot” is the one catching Bush with the silliest expression. Has any other president suffered as much?

Go ahead, Reuters. Keep on doing what you are doing…and eventually you’ll get what you are doing.

– Alexander, TheScroogeReport

3 thoughts on “Photojournalists Capture Distorted Bush

  1. I don’t recall any bad photos of Obama generally, but interestingly enough I’ve seen Hillary get her fair share of bad shots this election cycle.

    But the photo thing seems cyclical generally anyway. The media loves to build people up and then tear them back down. Britany Spears and other celebrities understand the dark side of media very well.

  2. The Bush bashing is pretty constant now, but I think Bush had much better pics back when he had high approval ratings. Approximately 70% of Americans initially backed the War in Iraq. Now, even if we are doing the right thing over there, it’s just not finding that level of support…

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