In Search of Great White…off San Diego?

A triathlete swimmer was killed Friday morning in a gruesome shark attack at a San Diego County beach. A marine expert said the wounds appeared to be from a great white shark, an attack he described as “practically unprecedented” in the area. Several beaches north and south of Solano Beach, where the attack took place 150 yards out, are closed. Lifeguard and Coast Guards services are searching for what is suspected of being a shark that’s 12-17 feet long. (photo: Union-Tribune)

5 thoughts on “In Search of Great White…off San Diego?

  1. Yes, its a tragedy…but why does one swim in waters known to be hosts to Whites, and in black suit that attracks whites? Yes I am defending the shark. If you appear like prey, look like prey, expect to be prey. He was 66 years old, should of known better. Another thing, with the ocean swimmers, yes it may slow you down, but why not swim with chain mail protection suits like pro divers filming sharks?. Better to be alive than dead! Your in the sharks domain, he’s just trying to stay alive.

  2. Indeed. The people that developed the chain mesh sharksuits thirty years ago are from San Diego. Neptunic Technologies operates out of Little Italy. The founder Jeremiah Sullivan has developed extraordinary new materials to provide substantial protection against any threat level, including great whites… This breakthrough is amazing.

  3. Defending the shark? A person who can feel and love is brutally killed and you are defending something that has no intelligence except being programmed to eat and kill? Who are you? Obama’s health care plan advisor?

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