Colson: Myths about ‘Expelled’

Chuck Colson shatters the smear campaign against Ben Stein’s Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

I found this nugget in the Christian Post.

Myth #1: Darwinists interviewed for this film were tricked into participating.

Not so. Each scientist interviewed for Expelled, on both sides of the evolution debate, knew who would do the interview and what it was for. Each of them signed a release, allowing the producers to use the footage of their interviews.

Myth #2: The film is anti-science.

Wrong again. Many distinguished scientists were interviewed for this film and given the chance to express their views. Just like their Darwinist counterparts, the advocates of intelligent design and their supporters who are interviewed are there to talk about science, not to dismiss it. These are people like Cambridge physicist John Polkinghorne; Oxford mathematician and philosopher John Lennox; journalist Pamela Winnick, who has received hate mail for covering the issue; and biologist Caroline Crocker, who was fired from George Mason University for discussing intelligent design in the classroom. Some of them are religious believers; some are not. But what they share is a commitment to science and the unfettered pursuit of truth. Expelled is not anti-science; it is anti-censorship.

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6 thoughts on “Colson: Myths about ‘Expelled’

  1. EvolutionNews.orgs little piece which you have just copied and pasted has already been shown to be false, using information easily found to be wrong.

    I did a piece on this myself on my own blog but I won’t link directly to it. No, then I am sure you’d claim I was spamming and delete the comment.

  2. ADD Matt: That’s great that you never cut and paste for your own blog or forward links just for the sake of leaving a link.

    I never knew I was taking part in such criminal behavior!

    BTW: I attribute everything and do not claim anything that is not my own.

  3. Why the hate? What hate? You assume much.

    I am merely pointing out that what you are posting is factually incorrect. As has been pointed out by myself and numerous others in the past on multiple occasions.

  4. *shrugs* I call a spade a spade and a +spam a spam+. Nothing at all wrong with that now, is there? We wouldn’t want to stifle the free exchange of ideas and opinions now, would we?

    +edited for defammatory remarks.

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