Educators, Bloggers Find an Inconvenient ‘Expelled’

Ben Stein’s movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed has made its case even before its first public showing.


The movie, which opens this week, is about science clashing with teachers who side with the possibility that man and the universe had a designer. Some teachers have even been “expelled” for their view…or at least ridiculed. The opposition to the Intelligent Design school of thought is so strong that not only have jobs been placed in jeapordy, but censorship reigns free.

The movie’s exposition of censorship in the educational system should no longer be a stretch in anyone’s mind. Those of you that peruse the internet, blogging and chatting, should already know about the ID hate that is out there.

I’ve had links to the movie site removed from group discussions, gone round and round about the topic, and all of a sudden heard about this Ben Stein hate…normally considered a loveable actor who played a teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Today’s example of ID suppression comes from a blogger who is in the process of setting up a To Hell with Expelled Blog Carnival. If you hurry, you can get your submission in today! wink wink

This from the Dinosaurs and The Bible: A Creationist’s Fairy Tale blog:

You have until tomorrow at 8PM EST to get your submissions in for To Hell with Expelled Blog Carnival. And please, no pro Expelled posts. I had to delete a pro Expelled post which claims the movie is all about free speech and asks, “What is wrong with presenting both sides of the issue since both issues are claimed to be faith based?”

Answer: The movie is not about free speech. It’s about pure criminal deception and everything done only in the favor of YE creationists and IDists. The film presents only ONE faith based issue and this film is only a ONE-sided issue which favors intelligent design and creationism and all of its deceit, distortions, dishonesty, and criminal activities within while giving the other side no chances of ever making their side of the issue known. And if one were given a chance to give out their side of the issue, the creationist would make a big noise to drown out the truth, take that side out of context, shunning out everything they hate, and twist and distort it about to make it look so bad that it will make the lay audience be herded into only seeing the creationist side of the issue and nothing else. That’s how creationists manipulate, proselytize, and indoctrinate people into creationism in the most crafty, deceptive, dangerous way.

My, my….why all the hate?

DAY 3: War on Reason Quote of the Day

“You, sir, are quite possibly the most misguided propaganda hound I have ever encountered.” -Alex Taylor, posted on



12 thoughts on “Educators, Bloggers Find an Inconvenient ‘Expelled’

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  2. That’s a great piece. Your last line, “My, my…why all the hate?” pretty much says it all. They are all so strangely angry.

    Anyway, I’m adding you to my blogroll and will check in often.

  3. “Those of you that peruse the internet, blogging and chatting, should already know about the ID hate that is out there.”

    Criticism != censorship or suppression. In fact, trying to paint criticism AS that is a means to try and delegitimize the very act of criticism.

    And there’s a word for people that think that they’ve scored a point and proved something by being obnoxious enough that other people are obnoxious back: it’s called “Trolling.”

  4. I don’t know about hate, but people tend to take a dim view of dishonesty. Apparently, Ben Stein is nothing but dishonest in his “movie.”

  5. Haha. How utterly ironic. I leave a comment here and it gets deleted, even though it presented nothing but polite and rational points and certainly did not contain any spam.

    Unlike the posts this blogs author has been leaving around wordpress blogs.

  6. @Matt… Polite???? Deleting my comment is polite? Once again, you anti-ID people are proving ‘Expelled’ right. You are about censorship…suppression…and name-calling.

  7. Again, you spammed the same link across numerous wordpress blogs without even bothering to say hello. I think that would count as spam in pretty much anyone’s proverbial book. Spam gets deleted, it is a pretty common practice.

    Censorship? Not at all. If I was about censorship then I’d delete any comments you’ve made on my blog. No, instead I’m allowing free discussion once you stopped copy/pasting the same link. Suppression? Again, not at all. Name calling? Now where did I ever call you a nasty name which I can’t back up with example, hm?

  8. OK…Matt…your definition of spam is different than mine. I post simple link comments in my own blog all the time if the link is pertinent to the subject.

    If I use my definition, you censored me.

    Suppression…same thing.

    Name calling? yes…you called my buddy, Ben Stein, ignorant…that’s like calling me ignorant!

  9. To call Ben Stein ignorant is not name calling, it is indeed a factual observation. His remarks about the Theory of Evolution (for example “there really hasn’t been much progress since Darwin [in terms of Evolutionary discoveries]”) are so woefully ignorant that it almost bewilders the imagination.

    What other term, apart from ignorant, better describes such a horrible understanding of science?

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