Inconvenient Intelligence

DAY 2: War on Reason Quote of the Day
Second in a Series of Quotable Attacks on Upcoming Ben Stein Movie

Today’s quote comes from the EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed website.

BTW…I recently had some links to the movie’s site censored because they were posted in a social network discussion group “without explanation.”


“Elite scientists have looked at what evidence there is and have rejected this nonsense out of hand ? it’s not that they will lose their jobs or grants and so on ? it’s that they’re rational, thinking, people who understand science. Plugging “goddidit” into areas we don’t yet understand isn’t science. It’s childish thinking.”

– Kat

Facebook group plans attack on EXPELLED!

From Protest Ben Stein’s Expelled group:

Help educate the public about science. Don’t let a loud-mouthed, deluded, has-been actor pretend to be a “rational” voice for the community.

Oppose Ben Stein’s schlockumentary, however you choose: correct friends & family who start to fall into the ID trap, write editorials, write or contribute to blogs, hand out fliers, contact movie critics & educate them, or lead debates on campus.

Stay tuned! A blog hosting a To Hell with Expelled Blog Carnival!


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