Shining Wisdom of ‘Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed’

Wisdom can be a funny thing. What appears wise to some, appears foolish to others. The battle between Creationism and Darwinism proponents appears to bring out this juxtaposition of wise and foolish thought more than anything I know. I’m reminded of this verse from 1 Corinthians 1:27:

But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.

Science, a field normally associated with wisdom, has brought out the best and worst in people’s reasoning. Before we distance ourselves from either side of the intelligent design debate, maybe we should really listen to someone like, actor Ben Stein….who has appeared foolish in some cases, like in the case of his portrayal of a comical teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and as himself in the movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed…appearing very wise.

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (Super Trailer)


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6 thoughts on “Shining Wisdom of ‘Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed’

  1. I can’t believe the nerve of these scientists. Intelligent Design is a PERFECTLY valid scientific theory and is SUPPORTED BY THE BIBLE. I wish these scientists would get off their highly evolved horses. Why do they keep denying obvious biblical FACTS, like the FACT that the Earth is 6000 years old!?!? And the FACT that the EARTH is FLAT! They’re afraid, that’s why! Afraid of the truth of GOD! They just want to run around and fornicate and do drugs and have homosexual relations, which is what I would do too if I weren’t a God-fearing man! And we don’t need evidence for what we believe! We have all the evidence we need in the Bible, which is the WORD of GOD! If man had evolved from MONKEYS it would have said so right there in the holy gospel! But no, it says we were made from dust! How can scientists deny the obvious truth of the Holy Bible with something as patently false as “the scientific method”!?!? I mean, all they come up with are stupid theories… who needs a Theory of Gravity? Or Theory of Electromagnetism? What good do silly theories do anyway? A theory can’t feed you? A theory can’t be used to power the nation? A theory can’t keep you warm and night and let you feel the love of the almighty as his spirit courses through your veins! All I need is my good book and I’m happy!

  2. This films’ main thesis, that anyone in the science community who believes in God, or is a Darwin dissenter is being “expelled” is false at its core.

    In a New York Times interview, Walter Ruloff (producer of Expelled) said that researchers, who had studied cellular mechanisms, made findings suggestive of an intelligent designer. “But they are afraid to report them”.
    Mr. Ruloff also cited Dr. Francis S. Collins, a geneticist who directs the National Human Genome Research Institute and whose book, “The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief”, explains how he came to embrace his Christian faith. Mr. Ruloff said that Dr. Collins separates his religious beliefs from his scientific work only because “he is toeing the party line”.

    That’s “just ludicrous,” Dr. Collins said in a telephone interview. While many of his scientific colleagues are not religious and some are “a bit puzzled” by his faith, he said, “they are generally very respectful.” He said that if the problem Mr. Ruloff describes existed, he is certain he would know about it.

    Similarly, Dr. Ken Miller is a professed Christian who wrote “Finding Darwin’s God” (which I suggest you read). Dr. Miller has not been “expelled” in any fashion for his belief in God.

    The movie tries to make the case that “Big Science” is nothing but a huge atheist conspiracy out to silence believers, but only presents a very one-sided look at some Discovery Institute “martyrs”.

    Carolyn Crocker “expelled”? – No.
    Her annual teaching contract was not renewed. Was she “fired” for daring to bring God into research? – No. She was hired to teach Biology, and she decided to ignore the schools’ curriculum and substitute her own curriculum.

    Guillermo Gonzalez “expelled”? – No.
    He was not granted tenure. The film doesn’t bring up the fact that in all his years at ISU he had only brought in only a miniscule amount of grant money. Nor does it bring up the fact that in all his years at ISU he failed to mentor a single student through to their PhD. Nor does it mention that in his career at ISU, his previous excellent record of publication had dropped precipitously.

    Richard von Sternberg “expelled”? – No.
    Sternberg continued to work for NIH in the same capacity. Of course the movie doesn’t bring up his underhanded tactics in getting Meyers work published.

    This movie attempts to influence it’s viewers with dishonesty, half-truths, and by a completely one-sided presentation of the facts.

    If a scientists’ research is not accepted by the scientific community, it isn’t because the scientist either believes or doesn’t believe in God, it is usually because they are producing bad science.

    Benjamin Franklin

  3. Before you read this comment, please note that not for one minute do I argue for or against the existence of God or Creationism. I come from a Christian family and have no reason to dispute or challenge beliefs.

    But the argument that insists the Bible is proof of God or Creationism – especially as argued in the first comment above – is a circular one. Yet, having come across it many times, I know it’s not about to go away soon.

    To say something is fact because it is in The Bible assumes that The Bible can’t be disputed. But to prove that the Bible is actually fact and not allegory or myth or metaphorical in its description of God’s will is another problem entirely.

    You can’t prove the existence of God and Creationism by pointing at the Bible, because for the Bible to prove God, God must already be proven.

    It is just as if I were to say to you that I am the King of Australia. You say I’m not the King of Australia. But I say, aha – I have this book that says I’m the King of Australia. I wrote it and as I’m the King I’m beyond reproach.

    Ah, you say. But if you wrote the book it doesn’t prove anything of the kind. Where’s the independent evidence?

    I say it does prove it, because I am the King of Australia. What other evidence do I need?

    How do I know you’re the King of Australia.?

    I told you. It says so right here in this book.

    But you wrote the book.

    Of course I did. Who better to know who the King of Australia is than me?

    etc, etc. That is circular logic. And it is exactly the same as using the Bible as evidence in the argument for Creationism or the existence of God.

    So please, argue your case and follow your beliefs, but understand that many people need independent evidence to verify what the Bible says. The first step to understanding this argument is in accepting that not everyone believes in the Bible as the absolute word of God and to debate with them means taking this into consideration.

  4. I would like to comment on Darron’s comment at the top. First of all the Earth is not FLAT! That is nowhere in the Bible. Actually the Bible has verses which prove the Earth is round, Isaiah 40:22 New American Standard, “It is He who sits above the circle of the earth…” Also, look at the scientific evidence. When there is an eclipse, the shadow cast is a semicircle; therefore, the Earth is round. Also your statement that you would be engaging in homosexual relations if you weren’t a God-fearing man is absolutely ridiculous and has no bearing on the issue of Intelligent Design. Frankly, I don’t believe you are in Christ and your remarks are written to mock Christians although your arguments are illogical and are surely based on conjecture. I pray for you Darron if you are a true Christian (highly unlikely) because your church is teaching you incorrect doctrine. Please, if you choose to continue writing, at least argue intelligently.

  5. Hey Alissa, I noted you took exception to my statement about the Earth being flat, and pointed to observable scientific evidence to the contrary that shows my statement to be false. I completely agree; overwhelming scientific evidence shows the earth is indeed spherical.

    Overwhelming scientific evidence also shows that the Earth is not 6000 years old, but rather 4.55 billion years old.

    Overwhelming scientific evidence also shows that living species on this planet have evolved from prior species. The leading theory explaining evolution is Evolution via Natural Selection.

    The same scientific method is used to support each of the above facts. However, due to presuppositions forced upon people by their religions, they tend to pick and choose. That’s a bad thing for science.

    Presupposition is the same problem with ID. It’s proponents start with unfalsifiable religious views that “lead” their theory. That is NOT scientific. For a good summary on why ID is not science please see the following video by Evolutionary Biologist (and Christian) Ken Miller:


  6. The words “I’ve been had” spring to mind.

    But even though Darron has now revealed he was illustrating the ridiculousness of the argument by claiming to stand for it, there are still plenty of other Darrons out there who are not being sarcastic or ironic.

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