Jesus Glasses and Bloggers for Chad Farnan, Continued

It’s been about a year-and-a-half, but good news takes awhile to come sometimes.

OC student wins case against Christian-bashing teacher

The list of bloggers supporting a student whose teacher repeatedly talked Christian hate continues!

New since the May 1, 2009 ruling:

American Daily Review: Radical Atheists-First Amendment Vandals
Shirley Buxton: Superstitious Nonsense. Not.

Previous: Unhinged Teacher Bashing Christianity High School Teacher Attacks Christianity Offensive Statement Regarding Christianity in the Classroom!
Bookwork Room: More on the teacher accused of insulting religion in his class
ParentDish: Teacher pushes religious views; student sues
Berlin Wall Between Church and State: H.S. Teacher Giving Lesson in Hostility Towards Christians
Church and State: Unhinged Teacher Bashing Christianity
WOMANTalk: High Schooler Sues History Teacher
Thinking Christian: James Corbett “Taught Us How To Think”
WhenEvilProspers: Mission Viejo Teacher Being Sued…Dec. 18
Pray Connecticut: Do you have your “Jesus glasses” on?


Leslie Carbone: Jesus Glasses
Seeing Red AZ: “When you put your Jesus glasses on you can’t see the truth”

Political Pistachio: The War on CHRISTmas, and against Christianity, has now been stepped up…
Moonbattery: Like many moonbats, he also hates the South…
Active Christian Media: Gee…does this sound familiar to anyone…
The Nathanial Ballance Weblog: It’s been a while since I last provided you guys with an idiot…

Any More?

Jesus Glasses and Bloggers for Chad Farnan, Part 1

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2 thoughts on “Jesus Glasses and Bloggers for Chad Farnan, Continued

  1. I believe strongly that people should be respectful of the beliefs of others, regardless of whether you disagree. It is terrible that it has become “politically correct” to say disrespectful things about Christians, but “politically INcorrect” to say disrespectful things about virtually ANY other religious or ethnic group. The fact that some “Christians” can’t be respectful either doesn’t make it right.

  2. I respect the right to believe whatever nonsense you prefer but don’t expect a moment that the respect for your believes would be granted on more than their merit.

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