Steps From Infamy

‘Survivor staircase’ from New York’s World Trade Center will be moved at Ground Zero for the first time this weekend.
‘Survivor staircase’ from Ground Zero

This undated file photo provided by the National Trust shows the Vesey Street staircase in New York, the only piece of the World Trade Center still standing exactly where it was before terrorists destroyed the twin towers. After years of debate over whether and how to preserve the structure, though, the ‘survivor staircase’, as it has come to be known, will be moved this weekend for the first time. Construction crews will station the stairs about 200 feet to be stored on site until they can be installed at the Sept. 11 memorial. (Photo: AP)

2 thoughts on “Steps From Infamy

  1. That photograph leaves me so sad. I will never, ever forget watching that horrific scene unfolding. Watching in shock and disbelief. I can’t begin to imagine what American’s were feeling.

  2. @ mobabs…thanks for your comment. I was paralyzed that day. I already had the flu, but I thought I was going to work. After turning on the news, I REALLY felt sick the entire day and could not go to work.

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