Huckabee on Thompson’s Exit

Guest blogger Mike Huckabee has this to say about Fred Thompson’s departure from the presidential race yesterday.


Today, Senator Fred Thompson announced that he will no longer seek the Republican nomination for President. I wish Fred the best.

Fred’s decision, along with my friend Congressman Duncan Hunter’s departure from the race, narrows the presidential field. I want to thank these fine men for their contributions to the debate. Our Party, and our nation, depends upon the patriotism and dedication of men and women who get involved in the political process.

I commend Fred and Duncan for their focus on America’s role in the world. I share their absolute conviction that the first responsibility of government is to protect the American people. Our country must prevail in our fight against radical Islamics who want to destroy us.

As a pro-life, pro-lower tax conservative Republican, who believes in the Second amendment, I believe that one of the greatest ongoing threats to our constitutional republic is the politicization of the federal judiciary. The role of a judge is to interpret the law, not to legislate from the bench; as president, I will only appoint men and women who share this view.

As we move forward, I’d like to ask Fred’s supporters, and Duncan’s, to join our campaign. As a true authentic conservative, I have a vision to bring hope, opportunity and prosperity to all Americans, and I welcome their support.

Please share this blog post with your friends and family that are Duncan and Fred supporters.

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One thought on “Huckabee on Thompson’s Exit

  1. No thank you, I like a republic not a theocracy, I don’t like a candidate that winning means more than anything even honesty (IE the South Carolina push-poll and Huck’s claim that Arkansas schools are now 8th in the nation)and lastly why would you want us? Huckabee has made clear his view of Fred and Rollins has made it just as clear that Huck’s problems are all Fred’s fault lastly as a resident of Memphis during Huck’s term I lived just across the river from Arkansas. I didn’t see this vast change Huck’s said he made in fact what I saw agrees with this blog:

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