Jesus Glasses and Bloggers For Chad Farnan

Chad Farnan, Capo Valley High sophomore

Much like Rosa Parks, Chad Farnan sat in the back of the bus too many times. Only with Farnan, it’s not about a bus, such as the ones during Parks’ era in which blacks were told they could only sit in the back seats.

For Farnan, it’s about him sitting in a high school history class where he is told by his teacher for more days than he cared to tolerate that Christians and Christians like himself were ignorant.

Farnan doesn’t want to sit in a classroom anymore where he is required to listen to Christian bashing…so he and his parents are suing the Capistrano Valley Unified School District.

Farnan’s allegations are backed up by a tape he recorded of the teacher. In part of the tape the teacher says:

When you put on your Jesus glasses, you can’t see the truth.

The teacher, James Corbett, is popular enough that an estimated 200 people gathered one morning to show their support for him. Only a handful of Farnan supporters showed up that morning to partake in what some say was a vigil.

I find it interesting how strong Corbett and his supporters are in their conviction that the teacher was simply provoking thought. Funny how it’s nearly impossible to provoke thought about Jesus in a public classroom or in a public just-about-anything-else.

I’d like Corbett and his fans to get “provoked” on this one (inside parenthesis mine):

The Message that points to Christ on the Cross seems like sheer silliness (or Jesus glasses) to those hellbent on destruction, but for those on the way of salvation it makes perfect sense (the truth). This is the way God works, and most powerfully as it turns out. It’s written, I’ll turn conventional wisdom on its head, I’ll expose so-called experts as crackpots. So where can you find someone truly wise, truly educated, truly intelligent in this day and age? Hasn’t God exposed it all as pretentious nonsense? Since the world in all its fancy wisdom never had a clue when it came to knowing God, God in his wisdom took delight in using what the world (and some teachers) considered dumb – preaching, of all things! – to bring those who trust him into the way of salvation. — 1 Corinthians 1:18-21, from The Message translation of the Bible

A local pastor has taken this opportunity to ask other Christians to rally in support of Farnan. The pastor’s “fundamentalist” ways are in question…so, I will not name him…but I am going to quote him. Although a lawsuit may not have been so “Christian”, it has drawn national attention…and for that, I am grateful.

Pastor’s quote:

“We as Christian students and parents have been told to go to the back of the bus for the last time.”

If you are a blogger that wants to show your support for Chad Farnan (not necessarily the lawsuit) and voice your opposition to the acceptance of Christian bashing in public schools, please leave a comment here and feel free to post a link to your blog.

Stay tuned!


Court Absolves Teacher for Anti-Christian Remarks

‘Jesus Glasses’ Case Not Over; 9th Circuit Fails to Rule on Classroom Hostility

UPDATE: Chad had put up his own website with useful contact information and his story at


Putting on “Jesus glasses” is an ideal we can only aspire to with great humility and joy, knowing that it is the truth we seek and can find in Him.

– Alexander, The Scrooge Report

Photo by Rose Palmisano, The Orange County Register

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Bill O’Reilly says “irresponsible teachers” now in the crosshairs for 2008
Chad Farnan interview after court victory

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Bloggers for Chad Farnan Continued


This from Advocates For Faith and Freedom:

Farnan vs. Capistrano Unified School District, et al.
Location: Santa Ana, California
Status: Lawsuit Pending

A sophomore honors student at Capistrano Valley High School, Chad Farnan, is a student in Dr. Corbett’s Advanced Placement European History class. While teaching the class, Dr. Corbett spends an extended period of time at the beginning of each class discussing topics that are not only irrelevant to history, but also inflammatory and often altogether inappropriate for high school students. Dr. Corbett causes students who hold religious beliefs to feel like second-class citizens because of their protected religious expression, beliefs, and conduct. He has gone as far as stating, “When you put on your Jesus glasses, you can’t see the truth.” In addition to expressing his viewpoint regarding the Christian faith, Dr. Corbett has made derogatory remarks about Christian viewpoints regarding homosexuality, Viagra, birth control, and sexual activities of teenagers. As a result of Dr. Corbett’s hostility toward Christianity, Advocates has filed this federal lawsuit for a violation of Chad’s First Amendment rights.


34 thoughts on “Jesus Glasses and Bloggers For Chad Farnan

  1. I am a high school politics and sociology teacher in the UK and, in my usual process of sifting through the latest news stories, was quite captured by this one.

    I thought you weren’t allowed to preach in state schools in the USA? This kind of classroom diatribe seems to me like atheistic fundamentalism of the highest order!

    I also heard the section that was recorded. As an intellectual exercise, fair enough if Corbett was playing some kind of devil’s advocate in order to provoke debate. But no, he was clearly standing on his own soap box.

    And the way he personalised the injustices of the European ecclesiastical hierarchy and attributed them to “Jesus” shows that, despite being a historian, he doesn’t not know that this was precisely the kind of religious corruption that engineered the crucifixion of Jesus.

    Apparently the guy is a “Doctor” and yet there is no evidence of balanced analysis. I can only assume that this tyrant sees the school classroom as the only place where his intellectual prowess can stand unassailed.

  2. @ A Matheson…thanks for the comment. This part of yours is most astute: “Apparently the guy is a “Doctor” and yet there is no evidence of balanced analysis. I can only assume that this tyrant sees the school classroom as the only place where his intellectual prowess can stand unassailed.”

    And that is why it about more than just an “opinion”. This teacher is holding his students hostage to his view…which looks by most accounts to be his personal agenda and ignorant view of Christianity and conservatism.

  3. Thanks Alexander. Could you tell me, is the kind of agenda pursued by Corbett quite common in US state schools?

    What I find a bit of an enigma is this: On one hand, religion is to be kept out of the classroom and yet, on the other, as some defenders of Corbett seem to be pointing out, it is impossible to cover European history without looking at the role of religion. How do your educators reconcile the two?

    When it comes to the coverage of European history in your schools, does the role of the Reformers such as Luther and Tyndale in empowering the common people by translating the scriptures out of Latin and into their own languages ever get examined? Do your schools examine the huge roles of Calvin, Knox and Zwingli in liberating the people from the 16th century bondage of a corrupt Roman Catholic church?

    Or does religious history only get examined when it’s appropriate to bash the church?

    When Martin Luther King gets covered in the US syllabus, is his spiritual motivation as well as his social and political activism examined?

    It seems like your system is quite similar to France’s where religion is to be kept at a long arm’s length. I once asked a French school teacher, “Why are you so afraid of religion in France?” He didn’t like this as the French, like most of us, are a rather proud people!

    In Scotland, we actually have Religious Education (as distinct from religious “instruction”) in schools. Yes, it’s subject to abuses and I’m not happy about confusing kids with TMI too early, but it does bring a hugely relevant part of people’s lives into the school, rather than simply pretend religion doesn’t exist.

    Our students are encouraged to pursue their own ‘Personal Search’ and the RE classroom is an environment where Christian students can, for example, say why they believe in Jesus Christ, and atheists can say why they do not. I’ve seen this happen from time to time in my own classes.

    We also have Religious Observance where local miisters come into the school and regularly address the youngsters. If atheists do not wish their children to be exposed to this they have the protected right to withdraw them from such events.

    In the UK, like everywhere, we have our problems, but I don’t see how, particularly in such a strongly Christian country as America, you can keep religion out of school and at the same time be fully preparing kids for life after school. Some say, if people want God let them send their kids to a private Christian school, but is that fair when your state school system which is so hugely funded by Christian taxes?

  4. @ A Matheson…rather than answer any of your questions right now, I will be using your last comment as a post…and asking readers to respond. Stay tuned!

    Meanwhile…we can get comments right here!

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  6. @ A Matheson…I have directed readers to comment in this post regarding your questions…posted in “UK Teacher: Does Keeping Religion Out of U.S. Schools Prepare Kids For Life?”

  7. I love that the internet and bloggers such as yourself are there to get the word out about the hate which parades as enlightenment in our schools and on our campuses.

    I love my Jesus glasses and I love our Jesus!

  8. I want to applaud Chad for standing up for his beliefs. I work for a school district myself and have a daughter, also, a sophmore in high school as well. Too many times our teens are not taken seriously by these inflammatory remarks being made in the classroom. School is required by law to be attended, therefore, I feel that teachers have no right to impose their political or religious views on students for whom they must educate. I could see a student having a question of christianity vs. athiesm, therefore, a teacher’s job would be to instruct the child on where they might research the subject to provide them with answers to their question and to form their “own” view on what they feel they believe in. I feel that as an educator I can not support this man’s freedom of speech in a public school forum. I find it offensive and if my child was in this class, I most definitely would be in line to staunch this injustice on children. I will keep Chad and his family in my prayers and pray for God’s will to done. Thank you for allowing me to leave a message. Keep the faith and stay strong!
    Amy H.
    Houston, Tx.

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  10. The teacher made one inappropriate statement, the one about Jesus glasses. Farnan was right to complain about that statement, but his representatives have tried to make the case into something more. I predict they will not succeed. There is no legal basis for any action. What relief do they want? As a lawyer, I don’t think they have much of a case.

    Comparing this young man to Rosa Parks is outrageous. Farnan is a member of the majority. Let him walk in the shoes of the outcast before you try a comparison like that.

    • Chad last all but one of his claims against the teacher and his entire case against the school district was dismissed. He won’t collect a penny in damages. A reasonable person doesn’t call that winning.

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  13. Congratulations to Chad for feeling he can now continue to believe “superstitious nonsense” with his head held high.

    What I don’t understand about this ruling is why the judge threw out some of the more incendiary points and focused on the most innocuous one. Creationism *is* superstitious nonsense. The state *has* a compelling secular interest in speaking out against lies and pseudo-science. The judge was just wrong!! This point could easily be lost on appeal.

    The other points had more merit – the teacher clearly did not treat the religious faith of his pupils with any respect. Which is to say, he didn’t treat his pupils with respect. I think this is very bad pedagogical practice, but I’m still not sure it merits this establishment clause ruling against.

  14. Everyone should have the right to comment on religious points of view regardless, including government employees. It is ridiculous that an educator should be sanctioned for promoting vigorous intellectual debate. Any fool knows that creationism is, at best, “junk science.” That is not a disparaging remark; that is the truth. To define religion as “superstitious nonsense” is also not disparaging. It is a truthful definition regarding any belief system that promotes a belief in the supernatural. Long live James Corbett!
    Shame on Chard Farman and his parents for their refusal not only to acknowledge truth but also for their attempts to punish those who speak truth.

  15. Funny how when liberals attack someone, even Jesus Christ, it is “thought provoking” but when conservatives or others who aren’t liberals it is “hate speech”. Liberals are the biggest hypocrites this world has even known. Each and every one of you are growing closer and closer to judgment day by the second. It isn’t too late to stop being idiots.

    • MillerTime, have you ever considered the possibility that you might not understand everything? You don’t say what you mean by “hate speech,” but if you mean to defend language that provokes violence against individuals or groups of people, which is what hate speech is, your remarks are not well taken. The law applies the same standard on both sides.

      • Paul, the only one that understands everything is above. When did I say I understand everything? It occurs to me everyday when I run my business and raise my children that I don’t understand everything. What I do understand is moronic liberals. I do understand who our creator is and he knows you. I also understand that godless liberals, probably like yourself, will spend eternity in hell, unless they can find a way to put on those Jesus glasses before their day of judgment. It is just pathetic to me how libs, if you disagree with them, say it is hate speech. Their speech is “thought provoking”. I understand hypocrisy better than you will ever know.

  16. I think that this kid Chad is and idiot he was 15 when he said his teacher preached against his religion what is he gonna do his whole life when people challemnge or question his beliefs or thoughts? Sue them? I also think that every one of u Jesus freaks are crazy u can’t see thru a transparent story about god? The story of jesus has been used and recycled for thousands of years and hundreds of years before jesus was even born its all a bunch of lies and fairy tales man made god out of ignorance and fear to help them get thru hard times like plagues and death and years of bad crops u people believe in a concept from 2000 years ago that’s idiotic u should know better! Before I go let me leave u with a thought to ponder when was the last time something u prayed for ever actually happened I mean real shit not stuff u and others control like when a doctor saves a life its a miracle the doctor didn’t do a good job it was god, orwhen some I’d studies his ass off for a test and then prays for it the night before then he thanks god not himself you are all crazy and retarted

  17. @Joe…
    My suggestion is that the next time you call someone an idiot, you may want to have someone proof your comments. I found 6 errors just in the first sentence. In addition to your comments being closed-minded, they are written very poorly.

  18. The result is essentially as I predicted in post # 11. Technically, Farnan “won” the case, but where’s his remedy? Most of the case was dismissed and he wasn’t damaged.

    Furthermore, and also as I predicted, only one statement was found to violate the Constitution, though not the one I thought. The judge had the benefit of additional material, which might easily have changed my opinion, too.

    It is unfortunate that Farnan’s representatives tried to turn this case into something more than it was. I suspect that if they had tried to resolve it with the school district, a similar result would have been reached without costing the school district the money it cost to defend the litigation. Of course, Farnan’s supporters neglect to mention that the school district was completely exonerated.

  19. Hey Alex I’m sorry my gramar isn’t good enough for you, maybe you should pray for it to get better and we’ll see how well that works. But I am sorry to say that all you Jesus freaks are crazy or just stupid to believe some half assed story. You kill people hate people commit mortal sins but because they are in the name of God its okay that’s bullshit and you all know its true. I once asked a minister if god made the world in 7 days and people all at the same time how does he explain dinosaurs or any scientific proof of millions of years of life before people? He told me the devil put all that here on earth to try to break peoples faith! Now I know not every christian believes that but science can prove how we got here. So how can you still believe all the bullshit in the Bible? The bible tells a great story, but that’s all it is a story a work of fiction with the two halves written a few hundred years apart they wrote the new testimemt to fit the old testiment it was written generations after jesus died a story told and haded down from generations to the next then someone wrote it down. Just one more thought to leave you with do u remember the game telephone as a child?

  20. MillerTime, the very fact that you think an eternity in hell would be justice for anyone, or that a loving god would ever allow such a thing to happen to anyone, says a lot about you, and it isn’t good. If that isn’t bad enough, all it took to set you off was that I disagree with you. This is such an obvious spiritual truth that if you don’t get it, then you really don’t get it at all. If that isn’t bad enough, all it took to set you off was that I disagree with you.

    • Paul, when did I say it was justice? You seem to have a way of inserting your own words and meaning into others thoughts, which I guess it typical of an attorney. You need to read more carefully. The Bible can’t be more clear about what happens to non believers, maybe you should read it, you should start with John 3:16 since you want to know what happens to believers and non believers. God does love everyone, even you, which is why he sent his son to die for your sins. If you choose not to believe this, that is your right, you should know the consequences. I don’t decide what is justice nor did I say eternity in hell would be justice. Facts are facts, I choose to believe the Bible and you don’t. You will live with those consequences. What makes you think you “set me off”? Because I dared to respond to your rhetoric? Wow, I must have “set you off” with my first comment then.

      • If it’s not justice, then how can you imagine God would do it? You can wiggle, shake and dance all you like, there’s no way around the contradiction implicit in that belief, and there’s no justifying it either. You believe it because you choose to believe it, just like you believe the Bible because you choose to believe it. There’s no other basis for it. Saying “you should know the consequences” assumes that your belief accurately reflects reality. That would be a very sick reality, there’s no reason to believe it and I don’t. Moreover, elevating your belief to the status of unquestionable fact is arrogant.

  21. “We as Christian students and parents have been told to go to the back of the bus for the last time.”

    Oh, please! Self-persecuting nausea on every level given the mighty platforms afforded to Christians in the Western World both now and throughout history.

  22. Dear Chad,

    Good for you! We parents and grandparents should be monitoring all public school teachers and college profs too. What really burns me is that they think they are so smart. It is just as logical to believe that God created all things as to believe that it just happened. Either position is part of a belief system; they just think theirs if the truth just like those of us who believe in God and that He is the author of all. You are courageous and right. The fight is on in our schools and in our country.

    May God continue to bless America

    Carolyn Sexson

  23. Personal attacks that include name-calling, attack of one’s character, and expletives will be deleted from comments. Also, non-valid email addresses, including ones with expletives included in the address will be reason for comment deletion as well.

    Thanks all! 🙂

  24. Paul, you may think you are “thought provoking”, but this is starting to bore me. Typical liberal attacks on someone that doesn’t share your views. I believe in God and your a godless liberal, so be it. This isn’t the forum nor do I have the desire to debate you in the existence of a higher power. I know you are the type of guy that must have the last word, so have at it.

    • If it bores you, then why did you respond? I haven’t raised questions about whether a higher power exists. I just made the rather obvious point that a loving god wouldn’t have a hell in his universe. According to most public opinion surveys, approximately half of all Christians agree: they don’t believe in hell either. You guys may think you own Christianity but you don’t.

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