Protestors Rally to Support Christian, Conservative Basher


It can’t be made anymore clearer than in his own comments. Capistrano Valley High School history teacher James Corbett hates all things conservative and Christian.

Please stay tuned. This is a BREAKING SCROOGE ALERT – LEVEL HIGH.

Teacher’s comments recorded by student:

How do you get the peasants to oppose something that is in their best interest? Religion. You have to have something that is irrational to counter that rational approach. When you put on your Jesus glasses, you can’t see the truth.

Conservatives don’t want women to avoid pregnancies. That’s interfering with God’s work. You’ve got to stay pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen and have babies until your body collapses.

And that’s the news. That’s not O’Reilly and Hannity. Those people are just liars.

This from the OC Register:

MISSION VIEJO – To an almost continuous stream of blaring car horns and cheering, more than 200 Capistrano Valley High School students and alumni rallied outside their school this morning to show support for embattled history teacher James Corbett, who is being sued by one of his students for making remarks about Christianity and traditional Christian viewpoints in class.

Under the early-morning drizzle, the protesters lined both sides of Via Escolar outside the Mission Viejo high school, holding up handmade posters with messages that read “Honk 4 Corbett,” “Keep Corbett” and “Alums for Corbett.”

Corbett was the target of a lawsuit filed last week by sophomore Chad Farnan, who alleged that the 19-year Capistrano Valley High history teacher made anti-religion remarks in his advanced placement European history class this semester…



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3 thoughts on “Protestors Rally to Support Christian, Conservative Basher

  1. first of all those facts are true

    people used religion to force people to do things for centuries

    so you are just an ignorant jackass

  2. @ anonymous…while religion is not free from some bad mistakes…religion is not the issue…faith or Christian bashing is.

    Being a Christian has very little to do with religion…it is about a personal relationship with Jesus.

    This teacher took a swing at my personal Savior and Savior to all those that seek Him.

    I feel sorry for him…but, maybe he should lose his job.

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