Classic Holiday Fare: Bill Murray in Scrooged

New Lease on Christmas 

Charles Dickens described the classic story of Ebenezer Scrooge as his “little Christmas Book.” The book was first published on December 19, 1843 and has been interpreted in so many versions as theatrical plays, musicals and movies that there are too many to count.

Wikipedia states that:

Contemporaries noted that the story’s popularity played a critical role in redefining the importance of Christmas and the major sentiments associated with the holiday. A Christmas Carol was written during a time of decline in the old Christmas traditions. “If Christmas, with its ancient and hospitable customs, its social and charitable observances, were in danger of decay, this is the book that would give them a new lease,” said English poet Thomas Hood.

Well, I’m sure many of us need a “new lease” on Christmas. We might begin in finding one by going to Him, who has given so much. I pray you get a jump start and do so now!

– Alexander, The Scrooge Report


This Week’s Top Scrooge returns next week. Meanwhile, for your viewing pleasure…

Scrooged – The Trailer 


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