Blog: This Christmas Just GiveUpOne Gift

A blogger and his wife decide to give up one of their own gifts received (or given) on special occasions to someone in need. Now they want to spread their idea during Christmas on their blog GiveUpOne.

To that I say, “Don’t be a Scrooge! For Christmas just GiveUpOne!

Here’s what GiveUpOne has to say…be sure to visit!

What would this Christmas season look like if massive numbers of people gave up just ONE Christmas present and decided instead to give a gift to someone more in need? This is the idea of GiveUpOne. Will you accept the challenge? Just GiveUpOne.

Here’s some stats to wake us up!

The National Retail Federation is forecasting that Americans will spend approximately $474.5 billion at Christmas in 2007.

Read more here: NRF Site

Americans spend:
$18 billion on makeup
$15 billion on perfume
$17 Billion on pet food

It would cost:
$5 Billion to eliminate illiteracy worldwide
$10 Billion to solve the water crisis for everyone in the world
$19 Billion to eliminate hunger worldwide

Is there anything you can do about this?


Just GiveUpOne!

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