New Life Church Hero: ‘I give the credit to God’

Assam says when she compared shooter’s firepower to hers it was “only God that could have helped” her take killer down.

Church security officer, Jeanne Assam, was on the third day of a fast, weak and asking God for strength when her church was attacked by a lone gunman. The pastor of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colo., says Assam may have saved up to 100 lives.

According to early reports, Matthew Murray was out to kill Christians.

Assam said: “It seemed like it was me, the gunman and God.”

Asked if she felt like a hero, she said: “I wasn’t going to wait for him to do further damage.”

See her press conference with some absolutely amazing testimony to God.

For some reason YouTube has turned off the embedding feature of this video. Isn’t that amazing? When something needs to be heard around the world…there’s a glitch or problem. If the YouTube video is not showing up below, here is the URL,  just cut and paste into your browser window. For now, you can try clicking on link:

UPDATE: New YouTube video with embedding. Try this one:

Jeanne Assam: Hero

4 thoughts on “New Life Church Hero: ‘I give the credit to God’

  1. There is another similar to Jeanne Assam. Jeremiah Alvin Neitz, an man of Prussian-Mexican origin tried in vain to convert the gunman and stop the gunman from shooting anymore people. Neitz is a hero and God told him to talk to him. The gunman died by his own hand and thank God, Neitz is not hurt.

  2. I think Jeanne Assam is like the Chuck Foster of Colorado Springs. Foster is a British-American Guardian Angel did shot a gunman in San Ysidro.

  3. There is another person like Jeanne Assam. Mark Steven Kram, a Yiddish Tom Selleck, shot the gunman to death and saving many lives.

  4. Actually, Jeremiah Alvin Neitz is part Spanish (his Spanish ancestors live in California and it was part of Mexico). Just saying.

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