Thugs Attack Boy Scouts, Parents at Christmas Tree Lot

NORTH COLLEGE HILL, Ohio Three thieves threaten Christmas tree lot volunteers, hit boy scout with shotgun and escape with less than $400 Monday night.

This Week’s Top Scrooge – Dec. 7, 2007


The three men, This Week’s Top Scrooge(s), are still on the loose, but a pissed-off community rallies to support the local Boy Scout’s effort to raise money for educational trips…and police are resolved to find the heartless thugs.

Community’s Christ-like spirit kicks into high gear for Boy Scout Christmas tree lot…and the search is on for the robbers.

The moral of the story?

What the devil attempted to make evil, God turned to good. The community of North College Hill is just a little bit more loving this week…and some people arose to giving a whole lot more of themselves then they ever knew they had.

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