South Wales School Bans Christmas Card Exchange, ‘Acting Like Scrooge’

160-year-old Tradition Now Deemed an ‘Environmental Hazard’

This from the London Daily Mail:

‘Scrooge’ school bans children giving Christmas cards

It is a Christmas tradition dating back more than 160 years. But the exchange of Christmas Cards and accompanying good wishes has been banned by one primary school after staff claimed they were harmful to the environment.

Pupils at Evan James primary school in Pontypridd, South Wales, have been told that they will only be permitted to swap cards outside the school gates.

The school is asking parents to make a donation to charity, instead of buying cards for their children.


But one parent said: “A lot of us feel the school is taking a politically correct decision but it is just a once-a-year occasion and the kids love taking cards for their friends.

“The school is acting like Scrooge and going completely against the spirit of Christmas.”

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