Blogging About Faith Without Social Bookmarking is Dead

Digg-like FaithTag lets you share posts on faith

Social networking and bookmarking in the blogosphere is a time-consuming business. I mean when you’re posting, who has time for socializing?

Well, as most bloggers know, your readers can come to your blog in a variety of ways, and one method of attracting readers that can not be overlooked is getting involved in blog communities.

With that said, there are two ways to choose your communities, one is to go onto a proven high traffic and high member site, like Digg, and the other is to participate in a less popular site because you believe in the site’s growth potential and its simply just a good fit.

Such is the case for myself and FaithTag. It’s a relatively new site with lite traffic, but I believe the growth potential is enormous. Why? I think that if we blog about faith, we want to share it! It’s that simple, faith without putting your blog into action is dead! Sound familiar?

So, consider using a few social network sites, don’t just sit there like a blog on a stump. As it is written in James 2:17, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. Therefore, move your post on faith out there…share! Join others at FaithTag.

Here is a little about FaithTag from it’s About page:

FaithTag is a Christian-based online social bookmarking service based on the Digg voting system. FaithTag’s purpose is to provide a place for Christians and those of other faiths to save and share articles they find worthwhile. While FaithTag is not explicitly a Christian, evangelistic system, it is designed to allow Christian webmasters and website visitors to share their information without fear of being immediately rejected or buried simply because they are Christian. However, people of various faiths are welcome to use this service and by sharing and saving articles and sites they enjoy.

FaithTag button logo  Go ahead, share your post or a post you like about faith at FaithTag now!

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